18 Best Homeschooling Blogs

I had no idea where to start when I decided to homeschool my children. Like most parents I turned to books from the library, however, they were often outdated before they’d been published and in some cases provided unrealistic expectations both physically, mentally and financially.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read a lot of great homeschooling books. However, I’ve read even more incredibly homeschooling blogs.

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In fact, it’s as a result of these incredible homeschooling blogs that I decided to join the community and start one of my own.

Homeschooling blogs saved my bacon, more than once when it came to learning how to homeschooling my children and I’ve been excited to share what works (and what doesn’t) for myself and my family online ever since.

As a dedication to all these incredible homeschooling bloggers, I’ve put together this list of the best homeschooling blogs. Some of these blogs have been going for over two decades, meanwhile, some are as young as six months. Either way, there’s something here for everyone.

1. Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Kris from Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers has an incredible section of Homeschooling How-tos for new homeschooling moms.

If you haven’t already gathered by her incredible blog name she’s also got a wonderful sense of humour, and nowhere is this more prominent than in her 10 Commandments Of Homeschooling.

2. Raising Arrows

Amy from Raising Arrows is a superhero, with ten children I’m not quite sure how she has time for it all – although she shares some of her secrets in the Homemaking Basics series which I recommend to EVERYONE.

This blog is a fantastic all-in-one homeschooling resources which cover a range of different topics, educational topics and school grades.

3. Classically Homeschooling

Classically Homeschooling is the brainchild of Sara, a veteran homeschool mom of six who has been homeschooling since 2001.

Two of her children have already graduated high-school finished college and moved onto adult life, however, she still homeschools her other four children and as a result is consistently updating her old posts and sharing new ideas.

Her in-depth guide to starting homeschooling is one I often share.

4. My Joy-Filled Life

My Joy-Filled Life is one of the cutest blogs ever, better yet it’s filled with incredible information for homeschooling families.

If all that wasn’t enough there’s an entire recipe area within the blog that has some incredible dishes – these unicorn rice crispy treats are always a hit in our house!

5. Education Possible

Education Possible focuses specifically on homeschooling middle school children. The blog is written by Megan, a mom who had been homeschooling her two girls since kindgergarten but debated sending them to public school for the middle school years.

Myself and a whole host of other homeschooling families are greatful she didn’t though as she’s managed to both learn and share her incredible middle school curriculums, ideas and activities with us all.

6. Wander Homeschooling

Amanda has more than 12 years of homeschooling experience behind her, so it’s safe to say she knows what works and what doesn’t.

Her incredible blog Wander Homeschooling was born as a result of wanting to share her experiences with other homeschooling families to help them further their childrens education in a fun enviroment. She has an incredible selection of free resources that I highly suggest you check out.

7. As For Me And My Homested

Jamie runs the incredible blog, As For Me And My Homested which covers homeschooling, homesteding, crafts and cooking.

Such a versitile blog like this makes it the perfect choice for those who are considering alternative living, or are looking to add additional educational resources to their childrens curriculumn whether they are taught at home or in school.

8. Special Learning House

Special Learning House is a French blog written in Engish by Alix, the director of the Le Chemin ABA Learning House for children with autism and other special needs in Paris.

The blog contains a range of incredible resources including advice, free printables and hints and tips that make homeschooling and extra curricular activities easy and fun with children who need additional support.

9. The Natural Homeschool

Tanya has a Master’s Degree in School Administration (Christian, Private and Public) and has been homeschooling her children for over a decade.

I actually first learnt about Montessori from The Natural Homeschool and have been following these principles ever since. To get started with montessori or for additional montessori resources I highly reccomend checking out her blog.

10. Imaginative Homeschool

Imaginative Homeschool is a blog with advice on homeschooling, afterschool activities and summer schooling plans making it the perfect online resource for all families whether you homeschool or not.

At over five years old and with more than 200 blog posts there’s no end of incredible advice to be found here, although some of my favourite is this round-up of free learning Spanish resources.

11. The Chaos And The Clutter

Sharla has been homeschooling for more than 20 years and has been sharing her experience online for almost half of that time.

Her blog, The Chaos And The Clutter covers homeschooling topics, special education resources and advice on adoption.

Her favourite blog post of mine is ‘The Put-Away Scavenger Hunt‘, seriously this is a game-changer!

12. Where’d My Sanity Go

Jessica from Where’d My Sanity Go has two incredible kids who she homeschools. She shares her experience of homeschooling (and more) on her awesome blog.

There’s so many creative educational resources, free printables and craft ideas here, I always visit when I’m short on ideas of things to do with the kids on a rainy day.

13. Mom Brite

Betty from Mom Brite is a lot like myself, she believes that the best way kids learn is through play. As a result she spends her days designing fun and educational activities for her children which she very kindly shares on her blog.

One of my favourite posts is her guide on using Lego to teach binary. The thought of teaching my children how to code was terrifying, afterall, I didn’t learn until I was in college.

Yet today, children are learning similar skills as young as five. Thankfully, resources like this one make the task both attainable and fun.

14. Living Life & Learning

Living Life & Learning is a fantastic homeschooling blog with a particular focus on Science.

The blog is run by Monique, a homeschooling mom of three kids who began the blog having found her eldest child strugglging to learn Science from a textbook.

Her creativity when it comes to creating educational and fun science activities is awe inspiring and her community of fellow homeschooling families is a source of inspiration and kindness.

15. Learn In Color

Learn in Color is one of the most beautiful blogs you’ll ever have the pleasure of browsing. Seriously, blog goals right there! The blog is unique in the fact that was launched by the homeschooling student, Samantha when she was just 14.

Today Samantha is 21, an early college graduate, and full-time graphic designer. Yet alongisde all of that she still finds the time to share her homeschooling advice and experiences with others.

This unique perspective allows for an additional insight into what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to homeschooling.

16. Tree Valley Academy

Tree Valley Academy provides secular educational resources for homeschooling parents or teachers of elementary aged children (currently up to sixth grade).

The blog focuses on math, French, spelling and word puzzles with an array of free printables, hints and tips.

We’ve just finished using all of the 3rd grade spelling resources on the blog and plan to start the 4th grade resources in a couple of weeks as part of our current English curriculum.

17. Hope In The Chaos

Kelly created this site as a way to help moms navigate the various seasons of growing their faith, loving their families, and nurturing their homeschools.

Alongside her incredible homeschooling hints, tips, and fantastic freebies there’s a whole host of heartwarming faith based articles, one of my personal favourites is “Following God’s Rules – It’s For Your Own Good“.

18. Mama Human

Mama Human is both a blog and a podcast (which I love!) with information on parenting, homeschooling, and self-care as a mom.

If all that wasn’t enough, Krista, the mom behind the blog is now also an author. Having produced the incredible Elle the Elf series.

The books are designed share the secrets behind the Reporter program that allows Elves to help Santa with the Naughty and Nice list.