12 Amazing STEM YouTube Channels For Kids

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are considered some of the most challenging subjects. Luckily for us, there are a ton of free resources to help our kids make sense of these subjects.

YouTube has been the most influential (and free) online platform in teaching STEM subjects. It is home to millions of channels that discuss any topic under the sun.

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In this article, we highlight some of the most amazing STEM channels your kids can subscribe to on YouTube.

1. Khan Academy

Subscribers: 6.3 million

Host: Khan Academy Staff

Over the years, Khan Academy has grown into a gigantic educational company, exploring almost all genres and subjects. They have done a wonderful job of coming up with STEM content that is easy-to-follow for kids.

This is a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation and delivery of education content in different subjects. The common ones include physics, chemistry, math, biology, finance, and economics. The content on the Khan YouTube channel has been viewed more than 1.8 billion times.

2. SmarterEveryday

Subscribers: 9.36 million

Host: Destin

The host of this YouTube channel, Destin, is an engineer by profession who loves to explore science subjects uniquely. His videos explore practical scientific experiments that we see or experience in our daily lives.

For instance, when he started the channel, he posted a video about ‘how to light a bonfire with rockets‘. His latest video is about ‘how sonar works’. All his videos are exciting, resourceful, well-researched, and engaging. 

3. Learn Engineering

Subscribers: 4.12 million

Host: Sabin Mathew

Mathew is an engineer who believes that engineering as a subject does not need to be challenging. He created the YouTube channel to simplify engineering lessons and courses for kids.

His channel touches on almost all aspects and fields of engineering, including aeronautics, mechanical, telecommunications, and many more.

4. Numberphile

Subscribers: 3.58 million

Host: Brady Haran

This is a YouTube channel that specializes in the teaching of Math. The most unique thing about this channel is that they bring in guests from all walks of life to talk about numbers and their significance in our lives.

Your kids can get to learn everything from the scientific way of cutting a cake to why the golden ratio is so irrational

The application of numbers in calculating and understanding the simple things in our lives makes this channel an exciting and interesting one.

Brady’s videos may be funny and silly but they teach maths simply and straightforwardly. His channel is supported by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.

5. SciShow Kids

Subscribers: 574,000

Host: Jesse

If your kids are the curious type, this is the channel they should watch. Most of the videos here are geared towards answering the question ‘Why?’.

They explore the reason behind many interesting scientific occurrences across the globe. The usage of animation in most of the explanatory videos makes it easier for kids to follow and understand what they are learning. 

6. VSauce

Subscribers: 16.5 million

Host: Michael Stevens

Michael created this channel in 2010 as a way of exploring the wonder of nature through science. The topics explored in this channel vary from math, science, physics, and astronomy.

The videos are funny, short, interactive, and exciting. Your kids will learn more about how to count past infinitydistortions, and many other subjects.

7. SlowMo Guys

Subscribers: 14.1 million

Hosts: Gavin Free and David Gruchy

Would you like to know how a TV works in slow motion? Or how a bullet works when fired from a rifle? The SlowMo guys have the answers for you.

The channel explores science by slowing down activities to analyze the physics behind everything. Some of the videos are crazy and daring – Such as what would happen if you fell on 1,000 mouse traps – but they slow everything down to let us understand the mechanisms behind how something works.

Their scientific experiments are filmed using high definition cameras (HD) that can playback the films in slow motion.

8. Periodic tables

Subscribers: 1.45 million

This is a channel targeted for kids past elementary school. The owners have made a detailed video for each element in the periodic table.

The channel aims to teach about the periodic table in an easy-to-understand manner while highlighting the importance of these elements and their use in everyday life.

They also discuss other chemistry-related topics for all audiences. It would be a great channel for kids struggling with the chemistry subject.

9. The Backyard Scientist

Subscribers: 4.72 million

Curious kids who love experimenting with science will be at home here. The backyard scientists conduct all kinds of crazy experiments, with tools and resources kids can relate to.

For instance, What would happen if you poured molten Aluminum into a watermelon? Or lava into a pool? 

Be warned that some of these experiments could be dangerous and kids are advised not to try them at home. Irrespective of this, the videos are exciting and intriguing to watch.

10. The coding train

Subscribers: 1.21 million

Host: Daniel Shiffman

Kids who love computers can start learning how to code via this channel. The channel teaches programming from basic to advanced levels.

The lessons are delivered with wit, making coding seem fun to learn. As they advance in their programming capacity, they learn other languages including JavaScript, Machine learning, and how to create applications.

11. Amoeba Sisters

Subscribers: 917,000

The amoeba sisters YouTube channel is an interesting channel to watch, especially for kids struggling with biology subject. It was created by two sisters who use humor to teach science subjects.

They use animations, GIFs, and other funny explanatory videos to make it simpler for kids to follow and understand the lessons taught. Their videos are short, well explained, and full of amazing content.

12. Tinker Lab

Subscribers: 6,850

Short of ideas on STEM experiments your kids can do safely at home?

Tinker lab has the solution. Unlike other channels here, Tinker Lab specializes in coming up with experiments that your kids can safely try at home by following the step-by-step instructions offered in these videos. They combine all kinds of art, science, and engineering projects.