Let's face it. Homeschooling has taken over your life.

You’ve given up on keeping the house clean and serving healthy meals while you have a houseful of kids to homeschool.

You put yourself at the bottom of your long to-do list because you feel like you have to put everyone else’s needs first.

You’ve spent so much time trying to create the perfect homeschool that you’ve lost your balance.

But homeschool life doesn't have to be that way...

I believe you can homeschool with confidence and still have a happy home. 

You don’t need an advanced teaching degree to homeschool your kids.

It IS possible to get healthy and wholesome meals on the table... every night.

You can keep up with the housework and all your other daily tasks.

The secret? Finding the right balance.

This couldn’t have any better timing! I am so thankful for all of your advice here. We so need rest and a peaceful learning environment in our homeschooling. It has been way too intense and quite miserable for too long around here. Schooling has become a “dirty” word. I see where I have failed but fear not, for I am not a failure! I will be following these steps starting immediately. Many thanks!
— Norma

Imagine starting your day with a clean, happy home, a healthy breakfast, and kids who are excited about learning.

Give up the overwhelm and find balance.

Homeschool with confidence, knowing that you CAN do it successfully.

Put yourself back on the to-do list and start making small, healthy changes for yourself and for your family.

I’ve been struggling with balancing school, house work, and my work. Your tips are going to help me.
— Julie

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