About Tonia & Happy Homeschool Nest

I started homeschooling when my daughter was three.Yes, I was THAT homeschool mom – so excited to start and convinced my daughter was a genius because she could sound out her letters. I was so focused on creating the perfect homeschool experience I let other things go. The housework suffered. We started to depend on fast food more and more often. I was gaining more weight (and wasn’t skinny, to begin with). Within a few years, I was feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and wondered if I’d be able to keep up with it all. Something had to change. I wanted to homeschool but not at the expense of the quality of our family life.

I took a hard look at each area that needed an overhaul and began making little changes. I discovered that making small habit and lifestyle adjustments as well as a flexible daily rhythm made a huge difference – our homeschool day became more peaceful, the house was cleaner, and healthier choices came naturally. Simple daily routines and manageable systems helped us create a healthy home and happy homeschool.