Ancient History Lesson Plans: 4 Ways to Include Bible History

We’re studying ancient history this year, following a 4-year cycle.

So that means we’re spending lots of time reading about mummies, Romans, the Greek gods, and many other ancient historical events and stories.

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However, while we’re learning about all those things, I don’t want to forget the central events and importance of Biblical history in ancient times.

The 4 resources below are the perfect way to add Bible history to your ancient history lesson plans.

Ancient History Lesson Plans & the Bible

Now that we’re in our second cycle through history, we’re taking a deeper look at cultures and beliefs. In the early years, it was all about reading lots of stories and doing fun projects.

We’re reading more, she has weekly writing assignments, and we spend lots of time discussing the beliefs of different cultures (and we still have time to fit in a few fun projects).

However, I want to be sure to create a firm Christian worldview foundation by including lots of Bible history in our ancient history lesson plans.

Old & New Testament Activity Paks From Home School In The Woods

We love the lapbooks in these Activity Paks (Old Testament & New Testament)! They are so beautiful and have such fun projects and booklets.

What sets the products from Home School in the Woods apart is the quality. These lapbooks have detailed artwork, unique features, and interesting projects.

It is NOT just making a few mini books and slapping them in a file folder.

The detailed work and all the pieces produce a remarkable finished product that your children will be proud of.

Plus there are some fun extras with these Activity Paks – like creating your own newspaper. Kids will certainly have fun with that!

Grandpa’s Box By Starr Meade

Grandpa’s Box tells the story of the Bible through the eyes of two kids and their grandfather.

He tells them various stories from the Bible in the light of the great spiritual battle we are in between God and Satan.

It’s a great addition to history studies – and gives middle-grade students an opportunity to consider Bible stories in a whole new light.

We’ve enjoyed reading it so much that we’re reading it again with the kids at Sunday School.

Timeline Figures From Home School In The Woods

Creating a timeline is one of the new things we’ve introduced to our history studies this year.

What’s really neat about using the detailed timeline figures from Home School in the Woods is noticing how Biblical events unfold in the historical narrative.

Seeing that Nehemiah was alive at the same time as the building of the Parthenon really makes the Bible (and history) seem more alive.

A Child’s Geography Vol. 2 & 3

I like to incorporate geography right into our history plans instead of as a separate subject.

A Child’s Geography (Explore the Holy Land & Explore the Classical World) is a perfect read-aloud when you’re studying ancient history.

You and your children will learn all about the regions and countries that were growing & changing in ancient times.

From Israel, Jordan & Turkey to Greece & Rome, you and your children will explore all those fascinating places.

How do you incorporate the Bible in your ancient history lesson plans?

These resources are what we’ve successfully been using this year to make a study of the ancient world that is Bible-focused.

While we are reading about Greek gods, ancient cultures, and false beliefs, we can still create a firm foundation with the Word of God.