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Housekeeping Help for the Homeschool Mom

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How to Homeschool

Homeschooling doesn't have to be difficult or confusing. Take the advice of a seasoned homeschool mom and take it easy! You have plenty of time to cover everything. Here are some helpful resources for keeping your homeschool under control:

Homeschool Planning

Keeping your homeschool organized can feel like a full time job! Choosing curriculum, scheduling everything you need to cover, and planning your day can take all the joy out of homeschooling. Keep it simple and focus on what's most important:

Homeschool Family Life

There's more than just homeschooling your busy to-do list! There's menu planning, cleaning the house, and family activities to keep you busy. How does a homeschool mom balance it all? Find some helpful resources and tips below:

Healthy Homeschool Mom

Have you been so busy figuring out homeschooling and still keeping the house under control (that's certainly a balancing act!) that you don't have much time for worrying about healthy meals or keeping fit? It's easier than you think: