3 Tools to Help Middle School Kids Manage Their Day

Homeschooling Middle school is a time of transition for many families. Middle school kids are growing up and want more input in their assignments and subjects. It can be a rocky period that is difficult to navigate with kids who want more autonomy but aren't ready for complete independence. I'm trying to create more ways for my daughter to be independent - one of those ways is with her daily schedule. Here are a few tips and ideas for teaching middle school kids how to manage their day.

Middle school kids are ready for more independence and autonomy. These 3 tools will help them learn to manage their day.

3 Tools for Middle School Kids

TJ and I are smack-dab in the center of her middle school years and we are having many ups-and-downs along the way (thankfully more ups than downs!). She is definitely ready for more independence and I'm brainstorming different ways I can let go of the reins a little. One of the ways I'm giving her more autonomy is by teaching her to manage her daily schedule.

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Get them an alarm clock

The middle school years are a perfect time to begin teaching your kids how to maintain their own schedule, which includes getting up for appointments, church, or school. Get them an alarm clock and teach them how to use it. Help them learn to depend on the alarm instead of mom for getting them out of bed.

Create a do-able morning routine

Talk to your middle school kids about their morning routine. Help them create a daily routine that gets them ready for the day and school in a timely manner. A regular morning routine is a perfect opportunity to work on time-management skills - including getting up early enough to complete all their necessary tasks. It's also a good way to make sure they are covering all their basic hygiene needs (something middle school kids definitely need to learn!).

Use a calendar & daily planner

I think a family calendar hanging in a prominent area of your home is necessary for every busy family. But middle school kids should start managing their own calendar as well - keeping track of long-term assignments, events, and appointments. It will teach them to balance their own plans with family obligations.

A daily planner is also a good idea - for recording daily assignments and activities. Middle school is a good time for kids to start recording their own assignments instead of mom writing everything down for them.

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Homeschooling a middle school kid?

We're starting to use a few of these tools to create more independence in the middle school years. Do you have any other tools or tips for homeschooling these transition years?

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