5 Articles for the Classical Homeschool

Homeschooling is hard work. The daily routine can get a bit mundane so I love to read blogs and articles to find inspiration and encouragement. There are a few that I read quite often (here are 15 blogs for homeschooling middle school) and there are a few articles that are especially helpful for the classical homeschool.

Want to learn more about classic homeschooling? These five articles are the perfect place to start learning about the classical homeschool.

Encouragement for the Classical Homeschool

Classical education doesn't have to be difficult, despite what many believe. It's a philosophy of education that can help you refine your goals and focus on the things that are most important. The following articles are very helpful for those who are interested in pursuing a classical homeschool education.

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The Lost Tools of Learning

Dorothy Sayers speech, The Lost Tools of Learning, is the cornerstone of the modern take on Classical education. She relates the Classical Trivium to three stages of learning - Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric. Every child and every subject progress through these stages. Her talk is a definite must-read for the Classical homeschooler.

What is Classical Education?

The writers of The Well Trained Mind, Susan Wise Bauer and her mother Jessie Wise, use Dorothy Sayers' speech as the foundation for their neo-Classical approach to education. I reread their book every year for my own homeschooling inspiration and encouragement. If you'd like a quick look at the foundation of their educational philosophy, you should read S. W. Bauer's article, What is Classical Education?

Top 10 Reasons for Studying Latin

Latin should definitely be a core subject in the Classical homeschool - for a variety of reasons. The article, Top 10 Reasons for Studying Latin, from Cheryl Lowe lists a few reasons you should consider learning Latin with your children.

Stop Cleaning the Kitchen & Read a Book

Self-education is something I believe is imperative for every homeschool mom. While I'm busy keeping our house clean and educating my daughter, I must show her that continuing to learn and grow is a lifelong process. Susan Wise Bauer's article, Stop Cleaning the Kitchen & Read a Book, shows why we need to make time for our own educational pursuits.

The Classical Side of Charlotte Mason

Some may be surprised to realize that Charlotte Mason was a Classical educator. This article, The Classical Side of Charlotte Mason, from Karen Glass, shares principles in the Classical world that Charlotte Mason used to define education for her generation.

More Classical homeschool inspiration

A few more interesting articles & posts about Classical education:

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