5 Days of Social Media for Beginners: Day One - I have a blog... now what?!?

Welcome to the first week in our new series - 5 Days of Social Media for Beginners!

This week we're focusing on some basics. The first step is to have a blog. I'm guessing that you do if you're reading this post! If not, go start one! Finding Your NicheThe first thing to consider is your niche. Basically, what do you blog about? Here's a bit of my history - I started blogging in 2007 when we were first considering homeschooling. I thought it would be a fun way to commemorate our homeschooling journey as well as connect with other homeschoolers. Over time I also started to blog about books & reading, and my own journey of self-education. While I do share the occasional recipe I certainly don't count myself among the great variety of food bloggers. My niche would be 'life as a homeschool mom' which includes:

  • homeschooling (specifically Classical education)
  • self-education and reading
  • life as a homeschool family

I might post once-in-awhile on some other topic, but most of my posts are focused on those three categories.

So your first assignment is to consider your own niche.

What do you primarily blog about? You might have the occasional post that doesn't fit specifically into that but, overall, what are your goals in blogging? Are you a homeschooler? What kind of homeschooler? Do you like to share projects & ideas? Recipes? Printables? Make a list of 3-5 categories on a sticky-note and stick it on your calendar or laptop - wherever you'll see it when you're blogging. These areas are your primary focus.

Networking Now that you're blogging and you've focused on sharing content that is relevant to your niche, it's time to connect with other bloggers that share similar interests.  How do you find these people? There are a variety of ways - one quick way is to just do an internet search. Search 'your niche' + bloggers and see what pops up. Connect with people on message boards, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc.

Here's your second assignment -

Find some like-minded bloggers and start following them (I like to use Feedly to keep track of the blogs I enjoy reading). Comment on their posts. Link-up your own posts at linky parties that fit your niche. Discuss things on a message board. Like their Facebook page and leave them a comment or a like.

Andyour third assignment -

Make it easy for others to follow you. Don't make them search for your social media buttons. Group them all together in one location. The best place is "above the fold" - that's the top half of your blog - the area that shows when you open it in a new window.

How about another assignment? Your fourth assignment -

Make it easy for people to comment. Captcha might keep spammers away but it keeps others away as well.

I think we'll add one more assignment - is that okay with you? Your fifth assignment -

Every day this week leave relevant comments on five other blogs. Five comments a day on blogs your following. That's it. That shouldn't be too hard, right?That's plenty of assignments for our first week. Here's a recap of your to-do list -

  1. Consider your niche and write it down!
  2. Find at lease 5 new blogs and follow them using a blog reader.
  3. Get your social media buttons organized in one easy-to-find spot on your page.
  4. Make it simple for others to leave comments.
  5. Leave 5 comments a day on other blogs.

Be sure to come back next week - we'll be focusing on social media basics.  Leave me a comment and tell me how you're doing on your assignments!

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