Art Projects for Kids: Resources for Impressionist Artists

I am not a huge fan of messy art projects for kids but my daughter is and, thankfully, as she gets older there is less mess for me to deal with! One of her favorite art periods is Impressionism so we’ve used a few different books and websites that have become our go-to resources. If you’re studying Impressionist artists you’ll want to check out some of these resources.

Art Projects for Kids: Impressionism Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about Impressionism with your kids these books and websites are a great starting point for learning about the artists, finding inspiration for art project ideas, and a few art supplies that you should have on-hand.

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Books about artists:

Art project ideas:


When I’m looking for art project ideas, these are the websites I like to check first.


If you want to add some coloring books, art stickers or art supplies, here are a few things that work well when you’re learning about Impressionist artists.

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