Books for Kids: You Wouldn't Want to... series

If you've been looking for some history books for kids - books your kids will enjoy, then you'll want to check out 'You Wouldn't Want to...' series. They are fun, with comic-style pictures and interesting information (sometimes gross!) that kids will enjoy.

Check out a complete list of the you Wouldn't Want to... series of books for kids. They are fun history books that kids will love.

Fun history books for kids

My daughter loves this series - she's read a ton of them through the years. Since we follow a 4-year history cycle I would look for the books that fit in with our history studies and she was always happy to discover them in her reading basket. (It's always nice to find books my kid will actually read!)

If you're following the 4-year history cycle or just looking for books from a specific time period, I've got you covered. The books in the series are divided into 4 groups - so it's easy to find just the books you need! These are very fun history books for kids.

Please note: I have not read every single book in this series, so I recommend you preview the books.

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Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation

Early Explorers to 1850

Modern History

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