Wednesday Wanderings: 20 Crisp Summer Salads


Light Summer Dinners

In the summer there is nothing quite like a crisp salad for dinner. When it's hot and you don't want to cook or eat a heavy meal, a plate of greens with some fabulous toppings and some protein make the perfect meal. On the other hand, it can get easy to get stuck in the same "salad rut" eating the same greens and salad dressing every day. To keep from falling into the monotony of boring greens, I made a salad chart that I use to keep me inspired to try new toppings and combinations. But I'm always looking for new ideas to serve on that plate of greens so here's a great collection of salad ideas to inspire my summer dinners.

I've divided them into two categories - 'main dish' salads that are more hearty and 'side dish' salads that could serve as a great side to a piece of grilled chicken or fish.

10 Side Dish Salads

10 Main Dish Salads

What's your favorite summertime salad?

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