Day in the Life of an "Oily" Mom

We've spent the past month talking all about essential oils and now we've finally reached the last day. It's been a fun journey looking at the different aspects of essential oils and the many versatile ways they can be used. So I thought that I would wrap up this series by showing what a day in the life of an 'oily' mom looks like.

Take a look at how we use essential oils in our day-to-day routine - from morning to night. I share a look at how we use oils throughout the day.

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A Day in the Life

Now, I want to say first off, that not all of the things listed below happen every single day. Some days I use quite a few different oils and other days I use less. But, no matter how much I use each day, essential oils have become an important part of our everyday life and we use them in some form every day.

In the morning

I start using essential oils first thing in the morning. At least once a week I will scoop out a teaspoon of coconut oil, add a drop of essential oil (Thieves or Orange) and do a few minutes of oil pulling. I try to swish it around for 20 minutes but I'm happy if I can make it past the 10 minute mark.

day in the life

I usually start one of the diffusers in the morning as well. I might diffuse Purification & Lemon (makes the house smell so fresh and clean) or Thieves (if someone is getting sniffly) or whatever strikes our fancy. If we are having a hard time getting our day started I like to diffuse a nice 'wake up' blend to get us moving.

day in life afternoon

In the afternoon

Depending on how things are going that day or how busy we are, TJ and I both have our favorite blends (I love Stress Away, she's partial to Valor) that we like to rub on our wrists. Or, if we are headed out the door, I might run the diffuser in the car (Thieves is great when you've been out and about with all those germ-y people!).

day in life evening

In the evening

We run the bedroom diffuser in the evening - usually for about 30 minutes before we go to bed. Diffusing Cedarwood, Lavender, and Peace & Calming is just part of our evening routine. It smells nice and we sleep very well.

Part of my nightly routine includes applying a few more essential oils - Progessence Plus (a blend of progesterone and oil) and Endoflex (for thyroid and adrenal support). (I also apply these oils in the morning.)

Does your daily routine include essential oils?

That's a look at how essential oils have been incorporated into our daily routine. I'd like to know how you use them in your day-to-day life. Leave me a comment and tell me how you use your essential oils!

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