Homeschool Math with DragonBox Algebra 5+

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As TJ gets older I see those upper math levels looming in the not too distant future. And it's freaking me out a little bit {okay, maybe a lot}. So, when I find something that helps me {the math-phobic mom} get a leg-up on that learning, I have to try it. So when we got a chance to give DragonBox Algebra 5+ from We Want to Know a try, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a bit of algebra practice in {and not just for TJ!}.

We love using DragonBox Algebra 5+ for homeschool math fun. Teaching basic algebra is easy with this app!

DragonBox Algebra 5+ for Homeschool Math

Can you learn algebra with a cute game app? Really? YES!

When I saw my daughter easily solving algebra equations in the bonus level of this app I knew we'd found something special. It starts out deceptively simple - a few boxes and cute little monsters that grow as you complete each level. Then it slowly builds until kids are doing actual algebra work. It's really very, very cool. {My math-loving husband gives it two-thumbs up.}

How to play

When you load the app, you create a profile and start right at the first level. Each level has two large squares, one for each side of the equation. You move icons with the goal of isolating the unknown variable. The first level begins with little character icons but, as you move through the game, you'll start to see numbers, letters, and math symbols slowly sprinkled in. By the time you get to the bonus levels, you're doing the whole level with algebraic symbols. Along the way the app introduces rules about how to use each icon, which is really more algebra being used as game play!

DragonBox Algebra 5+ has 5 chapters with 20 levels in each chapter. After you complete those levels you unlock 5 more chapters with 20 more levels in each. There's lots of good stuff packed into this app!

We love using DragonBox Algebra 5+ for homeschool math fun. Teaching basic algebra is easy with this app!

Why we love DragonBox Algebra 5+

There are lots of benefits to using this fun app to teach math. Here are some of my favorite reasons:

  • It makes algebra simple - there's no need to be scared by those numbers & letters.

  • Cute monsters that grow as you complete new levels - this is a big plus for my daughter. She loves doing just one more level to see how her little monster changes.

  • 4 profiles on one device - this is a nice bonus if you have more than one person who wants to use the app but you only have one device.

  • Star ratings for each level - besides just completing each level you can challenge your child {or yourself} to finish each level with full stars and in the amount of moves specified. It adds just another layer of difficulty for older kids who are ready for a challenge.

  • 100 bonus levels - keep going after you finish the game - there are bonus levels to work on too!

  • Great tips from the website - there's a parent/homeschool PDF guide you can check out for some tips on incorporating it into your homeschool day.

We love using DragonBox Algebra 5+ for homeschool math fun. Teaching basic algebra is easy with this app!

Add some algebra to your homeschool day

TJ loves using this app {she's almost finished with the bonus levels}. I let her have 10 minutes a day after she finishes her regular math lesson {and she's usually begging me for 'just one more level' when her 10 minutes are up}. I think that next, we'll try some of the equations with pencil and paper - so she can see there's really nothing scary about algebra.

Now that we're almost finished with this level I know we'll be purchasing the next level (for kids 12 and up). And there's a geometry app that looks like lots of fun too. I'm sure they'll all end up on our list of favorite math resources.

Do you use apps in your homeschool?

If you'd like a no-fuss way to add some quick math work to your homeschool day, DragonBox Algebra 5+ is a great way to introduce algebra to kids {and they'll love having a bit of play time that counts as school!}. It's available at iTunes & Google Play. You can also find out more about these great apps from their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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