Easy Freezer Cooking: Bulk Cooking for Quick & Easy Meals

Bulk Cooking with Club Packs

When many people hear the term 'freezer meals' they immediately think of the 'once-a-month' cooking method - where you cook all your meals for a month, often cooking the whole meal so you just need to reheat it on the day you want to eat. I'm not a fan of that method since it's a lot of work for reheating casseroles.

You aren't going to find that method here!

Instead of the once-a-month method, I prefer to use what I call 'Bulk Cooking with Club Packs'. In other words, I like to cook or prepare multiple batches of the same recipe or ingredient using the large packs of meat you can buy at warehouse clubs like Costco.

So, if I have a hankering for fajitas, I buy a large pack of steak, slice it thinly, package it with the other ingredients, making at least 4 batches, and get them in the freezer.  Then, when we're ready to have fajitas for dinner, I thaw the package and cook up the prepped ingredients.

For me, having the prep work done ahead of time is such a great time saver. I'm getting the convenience of freezer cooking with the taste of a fresh meal on the table in less time. It's a win-win for me!

Tonia L

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