Beyond the Sandwich: 10 Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Teaching life skills to kids is important and one of the easiest ways to teach life skills is in the kitchen. Having your kids help out with meal preparation is a great place to start. As they get older you can help them take over some meals - breakfast & lunch are easy meals that kids can use to practice their new cooking skills. These easy lunch ideas for kids will have you relaxing while your kids make you lunch!

A great list of easy lunch ideas for kids - that kids can make themselves. Go beyond sandwiches and teach your kids to cook with these easy recipes.

10 Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids

It's easy to make sandwiches every day for lunch but that gets old after awhile. So it's nice to have a few other ideas on hand when you'd like to change up your meal plan. Best of all these ideas are easy enough for kids to make on their own. Pretty soon they'll be making lunch for you!

Just add a piece of fruit and a few veggie sticks to the ideas below and you've got a great easy lunch for kids and moms.

  • Cheese quesadillas

  • Hummus & pita chips

  • Cheese & crackers

  • Popcorn, sliced apple & nut butter

  • Bagel & cream cheese

  • Hot dogs

  • Lunch meat & cube cheese on a skewer

  • Peanut butter & banana tortilla wrap

  • Lettuce wraps

  • Hard-boiled eggs with veggies & dip

Do your kids help out in the kitchen?

My daughter makes her own breakfast now and we're working on some easy lunch ideas for kids that she can make on her own too. Part of raising kids is teaching them life skills - like preparing meals. Use some easy meal ideas to get kids used to cooking in the kitchen.

If you're looking for more lunch ideas - the iHomeschool Network is talking about lunch - Our Top 10 Lunches for Homeschool.

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