Easy No Bake Summer Desserts

Summer is about relaxing and vacation and as little cooking as possible. I really dislike turning on the oven in the summer - it just heats up the whole house when I'd rather things stayed cool. So I love to find no bake desserts and treats that we can enjoy - without heating up the house. Last year I shared a collection of 10 Healthy No Bake Desserts and I thought I'd share some more of them this year. You can't have enough easy no bake summer desserts!

Want to avoid heating up the house when you're cooking? Try these easy no bake recipes - no heating up an oven with these easy no bake summer desserts.

Easy No Bake Summer Desserts

Many of the recipes included here are low in sugar or carbs or they are easily adaptable. No bake recipes are actually easier to adapt - it's those recipes with flour that take some getting used to! But these kinds of easy no bake summer desserts are easily adaptable to whatever plan you might be following - low sugar, low carb, etc. Swap out sugar for a healthier option (like xylitol or erythritol). Instead of Cool Whip, make whipped cream from scratch. There are lots of ways to make healthy easy no bake summer desserts!

15 Desserts for Summer

Do you have a favorite easy no bake summer dessert?

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