U.S. Elections Lapbook: Fun Hands-On Learning For Kids

I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of study about the US elections with my daughter. But you know how that goes – it sounds great until you have to do all the work!

Finding the right books to read, fun projects your kids will actually want to do, learning assignment ideas… sometimes it’s actually more work to create the study than it is to do it!

That is one reason I love the projects and materials from Home School in the Woods. They have done all the hard work for me (and they’ve done it better!).

So I was happy, happy, happy to discover that their newest products are all about elections – the U.S. Elections Lap-Pak. With one easy download, your kids are on their way to making their own elections lapbook.

The U.S. Elections Lap-Pak follows the others in the same series – 20th Century America and Wonders of the World for 3rd-8th grades and two for grades K-2 – Benjamin Franklin and Knights.

Each one in the series contains everything needed to make a lapbook and even includes a text booklet (and an audio version!) so you can read or listen to short readings about various aspects of the election process as you work on the lapbook pieces.

It’s an e-product so you purchase either a product download or receive all the files on CD.

The hardest part of using the program is printing all the pages – once you’ve finished that, you’re ready to go! I printed all the pieces, three-hole-punched the pages, and kept them in a 3-ring binder.

As we completed each piece, it was put into a zip-top bag until we were ready to put the lapbook together.

I kept the text booklet in the front pocket and had the audios in their own file folder on my laptop to pull them up quickly when we wanted to listen to them. The only other thing I had to do was order some extra library books about the election process.


Lap-Paks for Busy Moms

Lap-Paks are fabulous products and perfect for busy moms who want everything they need for a unit study all in one place.

  • Purchase one product and use it with all your children
  • Print, organize, and order a few books – no other work is needed!
  • Includes everything you need for a well-rounded study (except extra library books!)
  • Fabulous variety of interesting projects
  • Easily scheduled – do as much as you want each day or week
  • Makes the election process easy to understand

Making our own Elections Lapbook

We had so much fun making an elections lapbook. The lapbook pieces are really top-notch.

We’ve used quite a few different lapbook printables and we love the ones available from Home School in the Woods. The quality is excellent and the projects are always fun and unique.

There are pop-up booklets, pieces that rotate or move, and plenty of things to open and read. You can even put the included text booklet in an envelope on the back of the lapbook for safekeeping.

It really is a fun and interesting way to learn about the various parts of the election process. Even I learned things I didn’t know (the electoral college has always confused me but listening to the audio cleared it up).

Scheduling time for the Lap-Pak is easy – just fit it in wherever you want.

We did a few pieces here and there every week (on our ‘Fun Friday’ day) then I decided to take a week off from our regular afternoon schedule and focus on learning all about elections.

We read books, listened to the included audio, and worked on a few lapbook pieces every day before putting it all together into a lapbook on our last day. It was a perfect study for learning about the election process.