15 Must-Have Essential Oil Accessories

Once you start using essential oils, you'll discover there are some other supplies that are nice to have. Here are my top 16 favorite essential oil accessories - everyone who uses essential oils should have these things on their list!

I've been using essential oils for more than a year now and my collection is starting to get a little unwieldy. My little bottles have been in a small box but I need to find a new storage solution because that box is now overflowing with essential oils. {And that's not even including the oils in my purse... in the bathroom... and in my travel bag.} I love the look of those large nail polish racks so that's next on my list to purchase - it's a perfect way to store all those bottles.

Essential Oil Accessories

Once you start using essential oils, you'll start to find yourself purchasing other much-needed supplies - for your own essential oil blends, diffusing, travel, and more. There are lots of things you could buy - the items below are my 'top 15' - the things I'd put at the top of my essential oils shopping list.

Basic Essential Oil Supplies

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If you're just getting started with essential oils and want to stock your cupboard, these items should be at the top of your shopping list. You definitely need a diffuser, roller bottles for making your own essential oil blends, and a reference guide. If you don't purchase anything else, get those three things!

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Then, when you’re ready to start making your own cleaning supplies you’ll want wool dryer balls and some glass spray bottles. I like to have some witch hazel on hand too – it helps essential oils disperse in a liquid – great for those homemade cleaning recipes!

Traveling with Essential Oils

And don’t forget travel stuff! A car diffuser, a small bag for an emergency stash in my purse, and a larger travel-sized bag are must-have’s for me. I also love having another small diffuser to take on vacation – it’s so nice to get that hotel smelling fresh and clean.

Shopping for Essential Oil Supplies

Those are the things on my essential oil supply list – what’s on your shopping list? Leave me a comment and tell me what you’ve been buying!

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