Essential Oils in the Bathroom

It's essential oils around the house this week - we've talked about essential oils in the bedroom and essential oils in the kitchen. Today we're going to focus on that room that everyone hates to clean - the bathroom! There are lots of ways to use essential oils in the bathroom.

Essential oils are the perfect thing to freshen a bathroom. Check out this awesome list of ways to use essential oils in the bathroom.

Essential Oils in the Bathroom

Essential oils and bathrooms are a perfect duo. It's the one room in my house that I really would like to have smell fresh and clean. And essential oils are really the perfect thing for the job. These 15 ideas will have your bathroom and laundry room smelling fresh and clean in no time flat!

lavender bath salts

Essential Oils & Bath Time

Essential oils are a great addition to your evening bath - especially a nice calming bath before bed. Add 3-6 drops to your bath gel or Epsom salts before adding to your bath water (otherwise you'll just have oil floating across the water). Enjoy your relaxing bath while your skin soaks up the benefits from using essential oils.

How do you use essential oils in the bathroom?

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