Essential Oils & the Vita Flex Method

There are various methods that can be used when applying essential oils topically. Besides direct application, you can add them to lotions, use them for massage, or add them to your bath (10 ways to apply essential oils). Two very popular methods that may require a bit more explanation are the Vita Flex and Auricular methods.

Essential oils can be used with many methods. One popular therapeutic method is the Vita Flex method which can be very useful for health & well-being.

Vita Flex

Vita Flex means "vitality through the reflexes". In simple terms, it is a method of applying oils to specific locations on the feet that allows them to be carried along the neuro-electrical paths in our bodies. Besides diffusing, which is the quickest way for our bodies to absorb the properties of essential oils, the large pores on our feet allow essential oils to travel through our bodies at a very quick rate. While you can simply apply the oils to the specific areas on your feet, using the massage technique described below can be helpful as well.

Rolling & Releasing

Another method used with the Vita Flex technique is the 'rolling & releasing' method. When the oil is applied to the feet you use a rolling motion with your fingers along the vita flex area. This is said to be the most effective form of vita flex use. Here's a quick video tutorial for rolling & releasing.

Vita Flex on the Hands

For those with highly sensitive or pain in their feet, or if you're just in a hurry, you can apply the oils to specific areas on your hands. There are reflex points that correspond to various organs and body systems on the fingers and palm

Auricular Technique

The Auricular Technique is similar to the Vita Flex method in that specific parts of the body are connected to locations on the rim of the ear. Using essential oils along with acupressure, it's believed that these neurological points have an effect on various parts of the body

Do you apply essential oils to your feet?

Foot application is an easy way to apply essential oils topically. I usually just rub them on the bottoms of my feet but would like to give the Vita Flex rolling & releasing method a try someday.

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