Everyday Diffuser Blends

Do you want to know a little secret about essential oils?

You don't need to be scared of them! Really!

I was so confused (and overwhelmed... and a little bit scared!) when I first started using essential oils, but once I figured out how to use a diffuser (thank goodness for instruction manuals!) the world of essential oils was opened up to me.

Did you feel that way when you started using essential oils?

Getting started with essential oils? Here are 8 blends that are great everyday diffuser blends. Diffusing is the perfect way to start using essential oils!

If you've been a bit overwhelmed, I can help!

I have some great tips about diffusing essential oils, how to find the right kind of diffuser, and some great combinations of essential oils to diffuse.

Diffusing essential oils is the easiest way to start using them (and it's also the most cost-effective ways to use them).

And it can be for you too!

Tips for Diffusing Essential Oils

Diffusing essential oils is a simple thing to do. Start with a (that's an affiliate link -->) simple ultrasonic diffuser – they are very easy to use (I describe them in the next section). All you need to do is add some water, a few drops of essential oils, plug it in, and turn it on. Within a few minutes, you’ll be enjoying the aromatic benefits of your oils.

But there are a few things you'll want to remember:

Start Slowly

While some diffusers come with instructions to dilute as much as 12 drops of oil, that much is not necessary. The most I ever diffuse is about 8 drops. And, if you’re just starting, begin with 3-4 drops. Too much at once can cause headaches or nausea. More is not always better – especially in regards to essential oils.

Also, only diffuse for 15-30 minutes at a time. It doesn’t need to run all day to receive the benefits of the oils. Of course, if it’s cold and flu season, we like to run it more often – to keep those bugs away!

Try Different Combinations

Be adventurous and try different essential oil combinations. I like to choose two oils, remove the caps, hold them in one hand and move them under my nose, inhaling the scent. If I like the combination I diffuse them. If it's not quite to my liking, I try again, switching out one of the oils until I find a combination that smells nice.

You can also diffuse based on specific needs - if you want to clear odors, improve concentration, relieve tension, or eliminate airborne germs there are specific oils that will help.

Don't Mix Blends

Many essential oil companies create their own essential oil blends, which are very useful - but it’s important not to mix them when you are diffusing. Stick to one blend at a time. You could add one or two other oils to the blend, just don’t mix two different blends as it can alter the efficacy of the oils.

Buying the right diffuser

Now that you know how to diffuse, what kind of diffuser should you buy?

There are three basic types of diffusers:

  • Ultrasonic Diffusers
  • Nebulizing Diffusers
  • Evaporative Diffusers

The easiest diffuser to start with is an ultrasonic diffuser. It uses an electronic frequency that creates vibrations that vaporize the oils and water into a fine mist and disperses it throughout the air. There is no heat involved so the properties of the oils are not broken down in the process. It’s easy to use and your risk of diffusing too much is minimal compared to the next type of diffuser.

Nebulizing diffusers differ from ultrasonic in that you attach a bottle of essential oil right to the machine. The mechanism in a nebulizing diffuser creates a very powerful release of essential oils into the air. While that is a great thing, you want to make sure you are running this type of diffuser for short periods of time as too much can overwhelm your body. They are also louder than the other types of diffusers because of the way the machine operates.

Evaporative diffusers are another alternative though they aren’t so great for everyday use. You place a few drops of oil on a pad, insert it into the device and when it’s turned on, a fan blows air through the pad and disperses the oil. While they aren’t ideal, I like to have one when I’m traveling. They are very useful for long drives or overnight trips.

Everyday Diffuser Blends

I love diffusing essential oils - it's one of my favorite ways to use them. The house smells wonderful, it gets rid of odors and bacteria floating in the air, and it's beneficial for everyone in the family. But it can be a bit daunting when you're first using them and not sure what you should diffuse. This list of everyday diffuser blends will get you started. Before you know it, you'll have your own favorites!

The essential oil blends included in the list below are all found in Young Living's starter kit - a great way to get started with essential oils.

Getting started with essential oils? Here are some great everyday diffuser blends. Diffusing is the perfect way to start using essential oils!

6 Blends for your Diffuser

If you've purchased an ultrasonic diffuser (the kind that needs water) these blends are a perfect choice for you. Some in the list are just one oil blend - the basic rule for combining is one blend by itself or with one (or maybe two) other essential oils. But you really don't want to combine two blends very often (but I do have to say I like to mix Thieves & Purification, two Young Living blends when we are fighting germs around here). Use about 2-4 drops of each oil for a total of 6-8 drops - which I find is perfect for diffusing. You'll love the smell without being overpowered by the strength of the oils.

  1. Lavender & Stress Away
  2. Purification & Lemon
  3. Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint
  4. Stress Away & Peppermint
  5. Thieves & Purification
  6. Lemon & Peppermint

If you don't have a diffuser you can mix the blends with a cup of distilled water in a spray bottle and spray them all over the house.

What is your favorite essential oil to diffuse?

Want a printable list of diffuser blends - even more ideas for you to diffuse? Click below to get nine more great ideas for diffusing essential oils!

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