Favorite 4th Grade Read Alouds

Are you ready for more read-aloud recommendations and great books for kids? Yes! Then read on! Many people ask if it's necessary to continue reading aloud with older children who are capable of reading books themselves. My answer is a resounding, "Yes!" The time spent reading aloud with your kids offers so many benefits.

Favorite books to read aloud to 4th graders. Lots of great suggestions on this list!

Besides the time spent together, it's the perfect opportunity to discuss events, relationships, moral issues - all through the books you choose to read. Read alouds can become the stepping stone to many conversations.

It's also the best way to share books that they might not read on their own. My daughter isn't a bookworm (shocking, I know!) but she LOVES read alouds and talking about books. So, if I can't bring her eyes to the book I'll bring her ears to it instead.

And don't forget all the other benefits - increased vocabulary, logical thinking skills (really!), and hey, it's just fun.

Keep reading to those older kids - you won't be disappointed!

Good Books for Kids

We read so many great books this past year that I couldn't choose a favorite though there are a few authors that we return to often (Elizabeth Enright and Edward Eager made many appearances this year). Below, you'll find our very favorite books for kids - they're great for 4th graders but younger or older children can enjoy them just as much.

Many of these books are classic novels that you should definitely be reading with your kids but we've also read some that are more 'modern'. I think it's more difficult to find recently published novels that are worth our time, so if you have any recommendations, leave me a comment!

Our favorite 4th grade read alouds


Fun with books!

This printable collection includes plenty of ideas and resources for reading fun. With plenty of book recommendations, narration tips, and printable activities, you’ll have lots of ideas to engage your kids with the books you love.

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