Favorite 5th Grade Read Aloud Books for Kids

I can't believe we've finished fifth grade and it's time for our favorite read alouds. We've moved beyond picture books and we read aloud and listen to lots of books. Here are our favorite 5th grade read alouds.

Need some read aloud books for kids? Here's our list of 5th grade favorites (perfect for all middle school kids).

Favorite read aloud books for kids

These read aloud books for kids are great for all ages - from elementary to high school. Even my husband made us wait for a few of these books so he could listen in as well. So your children don't have to be in 5th grade to enjoy these books - they're great for all ages.

We read a lot of books that were in a series - my daughter loves to keep listening about her favorite characters so she would always ask for those first. And of course, they must all be read in order. No listening out of order! (she takes after me...)

For books that are in a series, I've linked to the first and then included links to the sequels in parentheses.

5th Grade Read Alouds

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We read a few more books but they weren’t our favorites so they didn’t make this list. No one has time for mediocre books – especially when there are so many great kids books out there!


Fun with books!

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