Favorite Elementary Homeschooling Resources

Like many homeschooling families we've used many books, resources, and programs through the years. Some have been wonderful, a few have been absolute duds, and many became staples in our homeschool. Below you'll find our favorite programs, books, and resources for homeschooling in the elementary years.

Favorite Elementary Homeschooling Resources

Before I started homeschooling I found a copy of The Well-Trained Mind at my local library and reading that book confirmed my desire to homeschool and gave me the confidence to create my own program instead of relying on a boxed curriculum.

Many of the books and resources I recommend work very well with The Well-Trained Mind philosophy. The list of curricula below covers many of the major subjects taught in the early years - math, grammar, spelling, reading, writing and history. All our other favorite resources can be found by clicking on the images below - they are conveniently divided by topic for easy navigation.


These publishers provide outstanding products for homeschool families, especially those who are interested in Classical Education. {Read more about Classical Education.} You can't go wrong by using the products and programs from these publishers.


We've used and loved the programs listed below. They are definitely worth checking out if you are homeschooling elementary kids! They worked very well for us and provide a solid foundation for future learning.

More homeschooling favorites:

More books, resources, and games for homeschooling families. We love to add some fun and games to our school day - and these are some of our favorites!

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