Favorite Read-Aloud Books for Kids


I just love a good book list! And discovering a new book that is a great read-aloud is the best thing ever. So that's what I'm sharing today - our favorite read-aloud books for kids - taken directly from our read-aloud lists from TJ's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-grade years. We go through piles of books and audio books each year - some we absolutely adore, others that are just okay, and a very few we never even bother to finish. This list of 40 books (actually more than that since some are the first in a series and we enjoyed the other books in the series as well) are the ones that we loved - our very favorite read-aloud books for kids.

I've loved sharing the books I remember from my own childhood but it's just as fun to discover new books that I didn't read as a child. Classic books are timeless for a reason and even though these are children books I'm sure that they are just as delightful to adults! I have one daughter so many of our read-alouds are 'girl-focused' but lots of these are great reads for everyone so get ready to dive into a great new book with your kids!

Favorite Read-Aloud Books for Kids

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