Finger Knitting Ear Warmers

We really enjoy finger knitting projects! They are easy to do for kids, don't require any special supplies, and thankfully, isn't a messy project. It's also a great time to sneak in some fun read alouds or audiobooks.

These finger knitting ear warmers are an easy craft project for kids and adults! It doesn't require any special stuff - it's a fun project for kids.

Sometimes it's hard to come up with new finger knitting ideas (like one mom recently told me, "you can only wear so many finger knit necklaces.") but we've got a few different things we've been working on.

One of those fun projects? Finger knitting ear warmers.

Finger knitting - ear warmers

One of the reasons I like finger knitting (besides being an easy project), is that it provides a worthwhile finished product. Kids can actually use the things they create - like these finger knitting ear warmers. Instead of working on a project or craft that will just end up in the trash a few days later, finger knitting projects are perfect for kids to make for themselves or as gifts for others. There's just something appealing about providing a gift that you've created with your own hands.

Ear warmer instructions:

Making ear warmers is a simple project. You'll need:

finger knitting ear warmers tutorial step one

The first step is using the basic instructions to create 3-4 headbands that fit around your head and over your ears, but DO NOT tie each end together to form a loop.

Now you're going to take two of those 'headbands' and weave them together (pictured below) with a length of yarn, connecting each section of loops. I like to use a large plastic canvas needle (but you can just use your fingers).

finger knitting ear warmers tutorial step two

After you've finished with the first two, connect the third 'headband' in the same way (and the fourth, if you want your ear warmers to be wider).

finger knitting ear warmers tutorial step three

After you've weaved all the headband pieces together, take all the strands of yarn at one end and knot them together. Do the same to the other side. (pictured below)

finger knitting ear warmers tutorial step four

You have a few options for finishing off:

  • option 1: snip off the lengths of yarn on each end so they are even, but leave them long enough to tie together at the nape of your neck

  • option 2: snip off the extra yarn below the knot on each end, knot 2 short lengths of ribbon (one to each side of the ear warmers) and use the ribbon to tie the ear warmers (pictured below)

  • option 3: snip off the extra yarn below the knot on each end, attach a button to one side and use the button to attach both sides

  • option 4: weave both ends of the ear warmers together with a length of yarn and knot it off

finger knitting ear warmers tutorial seven

Of all the options, I prefer options 1 and 2 - there's more room for adjusting to fit around your child's head (which might be easier, especially for younger children making their own ear warmers).

To wear the ear warmers, have your child lift their hair and you can adjust it to fit around their head and ears and tie it together underneath.

There you have it - a useful project for kids. They'll be so proud of making their own finger knitting ear warmers.

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