Finger Knitting for Beginners

Finger knitting is a perfect family project. We love to work on finger knitting (and other projects!) while we listen to audiobooks or read alouds. It's one of the easiest projects you can do - all you need are your fingers and some yarn (and you'll need some scissors to cut the yarn when you've finished your creation).

The basics of finger knitting for beginners - great pictures and instructions!

A few years ago TJ and I made simple finger knit scarves but I wanted to share the finger knitting instructions here because we'll be using that same basic technique to create other fun project ideas!

So let's look at the first steps - finger knitting for beginners.

Finger knitting for beginners

First, you'll need your supplies - yarn and your hands!

Any kind of all-purpose yarn will work (though I have yet to try it with very fine, thin yarn). Chunky yarn is great for small kids - it's much easier to hold and manipulate. In this tutorial, I'm using a medium 4 yarn (I don't 'yarn speak' - that's just what the package says!).

So let's look at the basic steps of finger knitting for beginners.

Step one

finger knitting step one

Start by putting the end of the yarn between your thumb and index finger, holding it firmly in place. Weave the yarn between your fingers going over your index finger, under your middle finger, over your ring finger and behind your pinkie.

finger knitting step two

Loop the yarn around your pinkie and continue weaving back up to your thumb – this time over your pinkie, under your ring finger, over your middle finger, under your index finger bringing the yarn up over the top of your index finger and laying it across your palm, holding it in place with your thumb. Now you should have one loop on each finger (see picture below).

finger knitting

Repeat the steps again, over your index finger, under your middle finger, etc.

At this point you’ll have two loops on each finger – the tail between your index finger and thumb counts as one loop (see picture below).

finger knitting step four

Step two

finger knitting second step

The next step is to pull the loop closest to your palm up and over the outside loop, keeping that second loop on your finger.

Start with your pinkie and move up to your index finger, being careful with the final one – the tail. Loop it over as you did the others, moving the tail so it hangs down on the back of your hand and out of the way.

Now you have one loop on each finger.

Step three

step three.jpg

Begin weaving through your fingers again (step one) starting with your index finger (over index finger, under middle finger, over ring finger, under pinkie) then wrapping around your pinkie and back up until you have two loops on your hand again. Repeat step two, pulling one loop over the other, starting at the pinkie and working up to the index finger.

Keep repeating those steps until your knitting is as long as it needs to be for your project.

Step four

When the length is completed to your satisfaction, it’s time to tie it off.

You should have one loop on each finger at this point. Take the loop off your pinkie and put it on your ring finger. Pull the loop closest to your palm from your ring finger up and over the loop from your pinkie.

finger knitting for beginners step four 2.jpg

Now repeat – transfer the loop from your ring finger to your middle finger, pulling the loop on your middle finger up and over that loop. Transfer the loop from your middle finger to your index finger and pull the remaining loop up and over that loop.

finger knitting final steps

At this point, you should have the one remaining loop. Cut off a short tail from the end of the yarn and loop it through this final loop, tightening it then knotting it off. Do the same to the other end.

If you were making an infinity scarf, you could tie the two ends together. But don’t do that! We’ll be using this finger knitting for beginners technique to create some other fun projects – so check back soon!

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