Finger Knitting Scarf

We've had lots of fun with finger knitting these last few weeks. First, we did a picture tutorial of the basic instructions - finger knitting for beginners.

Then we used those instructions to make a few fun projects - a finger knitting headband and finger knitting ear warmers.

Now, we're going to build on those tutorials to make another accessory - a finger knitting scarf.

Looking for a new project for kids? Finger knitting is lots of fun - try this finger knitting scarf tutorial!

Finger Knitting Scarf Tutorial

In my very first finger knitting tutorial I showed how to make a basic, one strand finger knitting scarf (sort of like a long, loopy necklace). Today we're going to make a wider scarf, using that same basic technique that we've been using for all these other finger knitting tutorials.

Step One

After you’ve mastered the basic finger knitting technique you are ready to tackle this project. Like the ear warmers tutorial you are going to make 3-6 long strands of finger knitting.

In the ear warmers tutorial, the goal was to make those strands long enough to fit around your head. Now you want to make it much longer! (see picture above)

When I’m working on my first strand, I just keep knitting away until it’s nice and long (like a scarf!). To measure, I drape the strand around my neck and let each end hang down in the front. When each side hits about mid-thigh, that’s a good length for a scarf.

Once I’ve completed the first strand I use that as a guide for all the other strands. You’ll want 6 completed strands for this project.

Step Two

finger knitting scarf tutorial 2.JPG

After you’ve made all the strands you want to use for your scarf, you are going to weave them together (like the ear warmers tutorial linked in the first paragraph).

Take two of the strands, a plastic canvas needle, and a long length of yarn and start weaving the length of yarn through the loops on the two strands – weaving them together into one wider strand, being sure to leave a long tail of yarn (you’re going to use all these long tails for the completed tassel).

After you’ve finished connecting the first two, add the third, in the same fashion, weaving a length of yarn through the loops of one side of the wider strand to the third piece, leaving a long tail of yarn at each end.

Repeat this for all six strands, until they are all connected.

Step Three

Now that you’ve sewn all the strands together, you’re going to make a tassel on each side. Gather all the long ends together and knot them. Repeat this for the other side. Trim off to the same length.

That’s all there is to it. You’ve made your first scarf!

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