10 Favorite First Chapter Books for Girls

Moving early readers from phonics level readers to chapter books can take some time. I know my own daughter took awhile to make that transition. Something that really helped was keeping some fun books around that were at or below her reading level. And when I found a series she loved I'd order every book in the series from our library!

10 chapter book series perfect for young readers.

10 chapter book series to get girls reading

The 10 books listed below are the first in a series of books - perfect for girls who are making that chapter book reading transition (when they are ready to move on from books like Frog & Toad or Little Bear). Some are fluff/twaddle type books but I'm okay with a little twaddle if it will get my daughter reading!

Early chapter books that come as a set/series are great for young readers. The predictable storylines are easy for new readers and can help them develop comprehension skills and reading speed. And kids love a series because they can spend more time with a favorite character while reading through that stack of books!

Here are my favorite chapter books for girls:

Do you have a favorite chapter book series?

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