Freezer Cooking: Planning a Cooking Session

The first step in cooking for the freezer is planning. Whether you are bulk cooking for 30 days or doing a small batch session you need to follow a few simple steps.

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Simple steps for freezer cooking:

First, you need to decide what you are going to make - favorite family meals, new recipes, etc. Get all those recipes together in one pile. Are you planning to double or triple any of those recipes? Make note of that too. When I have a recipe that is a winner, I type it up and add it to my freezer binder. 

Then you'll want to make a shopping list & do your shopping. Write down absolutely everything you need for your freezer cooking session. Don't think to yourself that you probably have a certain ingredient in the cupboard only to discover on cook day that you don't. After you've written down your list of needed supplies, go through your cupboards or pantry and cross off everything you already have. Then go shopping! (Don't forget freezer bags!) 

The next step is to prep your ingredients. Now you could go recipe by recipe completing each one individually. Or, to make things simpler, get everything prepped. If you need a chopped onion for three different recipes, get three chopped all at once and divided up. The easiest way I've found to keep track of what I need to do is to make a prep list for cook day.

Once your ingredients are all prepped you are all set to get your freezer meals complete and in their bags or containers. Seal, add necessary instructions and freeze. You're done!

The best part is, once you have a few freezer cooking sessions under your belt, you'll have a pile of recipes along with their shopping lists and prep lists. You'll be ready for the next cooking session with half the work already completed!

Tonia L

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