Frugal Summer Fun: 5 Family Activities that won't Break the Bank

Most homeschooling families are on a budget. So family time usually means something low-cost or free. We're no different. In the summer it's time to put the school books away and we find other things to keep us busy. And if they are free, all the better! So here's my list of 5 ideas for frugal summer fun.

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Frugal summer fun for families

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Have kids that cry, "I'm bored?" I know mine does (I give her chores when she says that - it solved that problem!). I love these ideas for spending time with my family. I don't need to spend any money - and we're creating great family memories (for free!).

Some of our best family memories have been with books or a game. Sure, we've been to Disney World (and I LOVE it) but those quiet family moments that we've created in our own home are the ones that stick with me the most.

Family game night

We love games! Our game cupboard is overflowing (the games have to be put away just right or we can't close the door - and that's after cleaning it out). I like to purchase a new game at Christmas for a family gift and that week after Christmas is my favorite - we even get the in-laws involved and have big game nights. Here's a list of our favorite educational games for family game night. Pulling out a game from the closet doesn't cost a dime.

Read alouds

Of course, books would have to be on this list! Audiobooks and read alouds are still a big part of our life. While we're traveling or relaxing at home, books are a great way to build family memories. We still talk about some of our favorite book moments (like staying up late one night to finish listening to The Hobbit). Some of our favorite elementary read aloud books for kids. Check your library or used bookstore for lots of great books.

Family television

Here's my confession: we watch TV (sometimes a lot of TV). Nick and I catch up on our favorite shows (Castle & Bones, especially) on the weekend and we have a few family favorites that we like. Once Upon a Time is one of our favorite family shows. We got rid of cable a few years ago and now we stream Hulu and have a Netflix subscription. It's not free but it's cheaper than cable!

Nature walks

Take a walk with your family. Enjoy the sunshine (or the rain), look for bugs or birds or leaves. Explore the outdoors with your kids. Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it. Take the dog too! Going for a walk together doesn't cost a thing.


Whether it's to your local swimming hole or the pool in your backyard, swimming is the epitome of summertime fun. And it is free (or low cost), depending on where you live. So plan a swimming date for your family - splashing and swimming together is a must in the summer.

What frugal summer fun activity would you add to this list?

Summer is my favorite time of year (I even enjoy the heat!). And I love spending time with my husband and daughter. If you have another fun (and frugal!) summertime activity, please leave me a comment.

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