Fun Ottawa Field Trips for Homeschoolers

Ottawa is a fabulous place for field trips - there is so much to do here! Take a look at our favorite fun Ottawa field trips for homeschoolers.

Fun Ottawa Field Trips for Homeschoolers

Ottawa is a fabulous place to have fun - with so many museums and cultural events. Take a look at some of our favorite Ottawa field trips for homeschoolers.

Ottawa, Ontario is a fabulous place for homeschool field trips - all the museums and seasonal activities throughout the year make it an ideal place to learn about the province and the country of Canada. It's also the capital of the country, chosen by Queen Victoria as the capital of the United Province of Canada more than 150 years ago, so there are also many government buildings and places to explore.

Ottawa Museums for Family Fun

There are some fabulous museums in the Ottawa area and we've visited quite a few of them. Here are our favorites for families:

To save a bit of money we request free passes through the library or plan to visit during the evening - many museums offer free admission from 4 or 5 pm to closing on Thursday evenings. It's the perfect way to fit in a quick visit when there's an exhibit or two that we really want to see.

If you plan to visit quite often, purchase a family membership (it makes a fabulous Christmas gift!) or check out the special tourist passes for discounted prices.

Capital Sites

If you're visiting Ottawa, you must visit Parliament Hill and the other important government landmarks - it's the capital of the country, after all! A must-see list includes:

Seasonal Fun in the Capital

There are plenty of festivals and events throughout the year that are perfect for homeschool field trips. Here are some of our favorites:

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