Art & Music Appreciation for the Logic Stage

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One of the things I love about Classical Education with The Well-Trained Mind is the orderly history sequence. All the other content areas fall right into line - science, art, and music can all be easily studied following the same basic timeline of events. The programs and levels available with Harmony Fine Arts make adding in fine arts appreciation an easy thing - everything fits into the 4 years of the history sequence. While we tried a variety of things through the grammar stage, I have to say that it was nice to let someone else do all the work (thanks, Barb!). All I had to do was collect a few resources, print a handful of notebooking pages, and make sure we had time in our schedule for music and art appreciation.

Harmony Fine Arts

The Harmony Fine Arts plans are divided according to stages - grades 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12. Each plan is divided into 4 levels that correspond with the history sequence. So, no matter where you are in your history studies, you can easily include a plan for art and music appreciation that fits.

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TJ and I have finished our first cycle through history and we've just started the first year of our second cycle - ancient history. So we're using the first plan in logic stage level - Ancient Art & the Orchestra.

What's included

When you download your e-book, the first few pages contain introductory information - scheduling tips, options for study, an overview of the program, and a materials list. Then you'll find the lesson plans with some notebooking pages, images, and coloring pages at the end.

The beauty of the program is the options! You can do as much or as little as you like. There is one music appreciation option and 3 choices you can make for art study & appreciation:

  • Picture study
  • Art appreciation & projects
  • Artistic Pursuits

Music appreciation will take about 45 minutes per week. Art options will take between 1-2 hours, depending on the option you choose to follow.

The 32-week schedule is divided up into 4-week segments. Each of those segments has all the information and links you'll need on two pages, no matter the option you've chosen. You can print out the schedule but you'll still want to access the pdf version to click on the links. Take a peek at the screenshots below for a look at a typical week:

screenshot one
screenshot two

First, you'll find a box with option 1 (picture study) links to the featured works so you can view right from your screen or print the pictures.  The art appreciation option is listed under that - with links and instructions for drawing. The second page has instructions for scheduling Artistic Pursuits and music appreciation information and directions.

Each year follows the same basic format. In the fifth grade book, you'll cover the music and instruments of the orchestra along with a selection of composers. You'll study art from the prehistoric times, ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome as well as North America. Future years cover artists and composers from the corresponding time periods (Medieval & Renaissance, Late Renaissance to Early Modern, and the Modern Era).

These plans are fantastic. It's so nice to have all the work done for you - all the art projects, links, picture study ideas, and music appreciation. It's all there in one convenient location. All you need to do is print a few pages, make sure you have all your art supplies, and make time each week to follow the options of your choice.

Of course, creating your own art and music appreciation plans doesn't have to be difficult. But why waste the time when Barb has done the work for you? Harmony Fine Arts is an easy way to include art & music appreciation. Check out the website for details and pricing for the various levels available.

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