Healthy Breakfast Cereal: A Collection of Recipe Ideas

It's often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not get your day started off on the right foot with a healthy breakfast. My usual go-to breakfast usually includes eggs. But when we're in a hurry I break out the bowls and spoons.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. 10 recipes for healthy breakfast cereals - move over fruit loops!

Cereal is a quick breakfast - perfect for those busy morning. But, while it's tempting to fill your bowl with sugary goodness, it's just not that great for you. Instead, eat a hearty bowl of oatmeal or homemade granola that's filled with nuts and things that will keep you full longer. A healthy breakfast cereal is much better for you than those boxed sugary kinds.

That's a great start to the day!

Great healthy breakfast cereal choices

While you might think of a bowl and spoon as necessary accessories for your morning cereal, you don't really need them. That healthy breakfast cereal can be made into cookies and bars too (gotta love a versatile granola recipe!).

In the list below you'll find great choices to fill your bowl but also a few that you can grab and take with you. I figure if it has oatmeal it still counts as cereal!

10 cereals, granolas, and cookies to start your morning

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