Fun Holiday Lessons for Middle School Kids

When December rolls around and snow starts falling, we know Christmas is right around the corner. It's a little bit harder sticking to that daily homeschooling routine - even for older kids! It's the perfect time to include some fun Christmas lessons. Here are a few ideas for fun holiday lessons for middle school kids.

Christmas Lesson Ideas

Those few weeks before Christmas are a perfect opportunity to include some fun learning ideas and lessons. Kids (and moms!) are a bit wiggly with all that holiday excitement. We find it a little more difficult to buckle down and get to work. Instead, it's fun to take advantage of that excitement and work on lesson plans and ideas that celebrate this special time of year. There are so many cool ideas for younger kids, but it's a bit more difficult finding fun things for middle school kids. So I've been doing a bit of digging and found some fun holiday lesson ideas just for middle schoolers.

Fun holiday lessons for middle school kids

If you have a middle schooler you know that they are just as distracted this time of year as younger kids. Make some memories with your middle graders by including some of these fun Christmas lesson ideas on your lesson plans (this post contains affiliate links):

Do you change up your homeschooling routine in December? What fun things do you have on your lesson plans to celebrate the holiday season?

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