Quick & Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

Gift giving doesn't have to be an expensive, stressful thing during the holiday season. Instead of stressing out about purchasing expensive gifts for every person on your list, here are some quick and easy homemade gift ideas.

Simple Handmade Gifts

We all have people on our list who are difficult to shop for. Or there's that long list of friends and co-workers that you'd like to remember during the holiday season. But buying even the simplest gifts can quickly add up. That's why homemade gifts are such a great option. They can be easy and frugal to make but are a thoughtful reminder for the important people in your life. Packaging easy homemade gifts up will take longer than making them!

10 Homemade Gift Ideas

These ten ideas for handmade gifts include simple recipes & food gifts, easy projects, and handmade skincare products. All of the projects are easy enough for older kids to make as gifts too.

It's important for even young children to learn about the blessing of giving to others. And, instead of purchasing gifts, showing them that thoughtful homemade gifts can be just as meaningful can be a good thing! These ideas for homemade gifts will help them make their own unique gifts to give to their family members.

Make your favorite handmade items, package them up in some (that's an affiliate link -->) pretty boxes, and you'll be all set!

  • Caramel Fudge - it's such a simple recipe but will seem like you spend lots of time getting it just right (no one else needs to know that all you needed was a microwave!).
  • Peppermint Patties - this simple recipe makes a huge batch of homemade peppermint patties - certainly enough to share with family and friends.
  • Homemade Bath Salts - for a relaxing evening bath, a handful of these bath salts couldn't feel more luxurious.
  • Simple Soothing Skin Balm - just some whipped coconut oil and your favorite essential oils - easy-peasy!
  • Simple Sugar Scrub - another simple beauty recipe, this one is great for keeping hands nice and soft.
  • Homemade Taco Seasoning - taco seasoning is great for more than just tacos!
  • DIY Poo-Pourri - want a gift that will generate a laugh? Homemade 'Poo-Pourri' will certainly do the trick.
  • Handmade Diffuser Bracelet - a personalized bracelet is such a nice, thoughtful gift.
  • Finger Knitting Scarf - finger knitting is simple enough for even the smallest of kids to do - definitely a great project for kids.
  • Homemade jarred minced garlic - a very simple recipe that only takes minutes to make.

I love to make homemade gifts for family and friends. They are simple, thoughtful gifts that are always appreciated by those who receive them. They're also great for last-minute gift-giving emergencies. With just a few minutes of work and preparation, you can have some thoughtful gifts on-hand when you need them.

Do you like to give homemade gifts? What kind of things do you like to make?

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