Homeschool Favorites: 10 Bible Study Resources

I don't often talk about what we're doing for devotional studies or family Bible study. For us, family Bible study is just a part of our family culture and not necessarily a part of our homeschool day. (And lest you think we're perfect... ) We aim to have Bible study twice a week but we often fall short of that goal with our busy days. During the summer I think we only had family Bible study twice. We're a work in progress, I tell ya.

These are the best family Bible study resources! Devotions, family Bible study, character training - it's all here!

Creating a Daily Devotional Routine

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I've always had personal Bible reading on TJ's daily routine chart and we are continuing that this year. It's a growing and changing process, growing and changing right along with her! When she was small I read aloud to her from a picture Bible. After she started to read she began by reading her own Beginner's Bible and then moved to The Children's Bible in 365 Stories. This year she'll transition to reading a chapter from a 'real' Bible each morning.

My goal is to create a daily habit of spending those first few moments of the day with our Bibles and prayer so that, as TJ gets older, it's just a natural part of her day.

Through the years we've collected some resources that we've enjoyed using. Some we used for a season, others we are still using.

Favorite Bible & Faith Resources:

Those are the resources that have become family favorites for us. This year we'll be using Philippians in 28 Weeks which looks like it's going to make it onto our list of favorites as well.

What books and resources do you use for your family Bible study?


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