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...or a look at one of our real days...

Have you ever wondered what it's like behind-the-scenes for a homeschool blogger? Well, today I'm going to be completely transparent and show you what one of our 'not the best' days looks like. {Those days happen more often than I care to admit.} You'll see exactly what it's like, from morning til night, in this post!

real day of a homeschool blogger

A REAL day - Tuesday, March 17

We have a general daily format that we follow - I have certain hours for work-related tasks, specific hours for homeschooling, and house & family related things in between. Most of the time it works okay for us but there are days when life just happens, we get distracted, and it's hard to keep up with the schedule. Tuesday was not one of our more successful work/homeschooling days, as you'll see below. First, I'll share what I "should be" doing and then I'll tell you what really happened.

6-8 am - what I should be doing - getting up & writing for 2 hours

What I'm really doing? Still sleeping.

I was reading a book the night before and went to bed later than I should have.

8-9 am - what I should be doing - working on some promotion & networking tasks (and eating breakfast)

What I'm really doing: I'm still sleeping.... and so is TJ who is usually up between 7-8am. I finally get out of bed around 8:30. I splash my face, brush my teeth, and grab some coffee before starting on my usual morning tasks. I promote my latest post, join some link parties, and get sidetracked by Facebook when I should be scheduling my Facebook content for the day.

9-10 am - what I should be doing - exercising, reading my Bible & getting ready for the day; TJ should be eating breakfast and doing her math

What I'm really doing: I'm only halfway through my morning task list, so I stop to grab some breakfast and get back to work. TJ finally wakes up. She's a groggy morning person so I let her have 20 minutes to lay in bed and watch something on her ipad.

I get back on track, scan through Feedly, looking for things to promote for various social media channels. My computer decides it's time to update the virus software so it starts running very slow. I share a post on some Facebook pages, squeeze in some social media time on my phone while my computer takes forever. I join a few more link parties.

9:20 - I tell TJ to get going. She gets breakfast, brushes her teeth (stays in her pajamas), and starts her math. I bribe her with 10 minutes of DragonBox if she finishes her math quickly. She finishes math in record time so I give her 15 minutes of DragonBox time.  When she's done she does some science reading while finally finish my morning tasks.

real day dragonbox app

10-11:30 am - what I should be doing - TJ and I should be ready for the day and sitting down to work on science, having our daily meeting (since Nick is on a day schedule our usual routine is slightly different), going through a few subjects and today's assignments.

What I'm really doing: I'm finally finished the work tasks that I need to get done in the morning (minus that 2 hour block of writing time. But I'll try to fit that in this afternoon). And the virus software decides it's finally finished updating. I'm still in my pajamas and haven't read my Bible or exercised. But I shut the laptop, ignore the phone and work with TJ. We are on back track!

11:30-1 pm - what I should be doing - getting lunch, doing whatever housekeeping tasks are necessary at the moment (mopping the floor... cleaning the bathroom.... etc), finally fitting in that exercise and taking a shower and getting dressed....

What I'm really doing: We are on time and finished with our morning work. I'm starving so I start lunch and realize I have 5 pounds of ground beef in the fridge from yesterday's shopping trip. So I start frying some for taco salad and package up the rest for the freezer. TJ plays for a bit then goes to visit her grandmother for an hour. I eat lunch while catching up on the latest episode of The Good Wife.

1-3 pm - what I should be doing - TJ starts working on her daily assignments, I start my 2-hour block of writing time. If I had actually gotten my writing done earlier this would be my time for reading and household tasks.

What I'm really doing: Planning to get some writing done but want to finish quickly so I can finally exercise, shower, and get dressed. Checking Facebook for a few minutes...

1:10 - I realize TJ's not home yet so call and tell her to come home. Her grandfather is just coming home from work so she stops to grab a snack from his truck and I realize she is wearing shorts and a winter coat... sigh (we are in Canada and just had another snow storm).

1:20 - get her sorted out and starting her work, I finally sit down to write - I NEED to work on tomorrow's post which is only a rough outline at this point.

1:40 - TJ finishes two assignments and realizes she missed one of her breaks (I let her take 10 minute breaks between assignments) so she wants to take a 20 minute break. We haggle, I win this round, she takes a 10 minute break.

2:30 - I'm finally finding my writing groove and get the post finished. Now I need to get some images for it. TJ is supposed to be reading a chapter of The Hobbit but I'm hearing lots of noise from her room... I get her sorted out and start working on images for the post. Nick texts that he has overtime. (I STILL haven't exercised so I'm still in my pjs...)

real day reading

3-5 pm - what I should be doing - my afternoon work tasks; TJ should be finishing up the rest of her daily work

What I'm really doing: Still working on one last image for my post. Get it uploaded, realized I forgot to add something so back to add that in and re-upload the image. Nick texts again that overtime has changed and he'll be home early (which means around 4 so I'm losing an hour of work time - once he comes home it is family time, no work, until bedtime when I do a few small tasks while they have their read aloud time).

And I still haven't exercised. Or showered. Or gotten dressed. Make sure TJ is still on-task.

3:15 - since I'm working in Wordpress I figure I'll hold off on sending my newsletter and get my Wordpress tasks out of the way - deleting spam, replying to comments... working on one of those things on my to-do list, which of course takes longer than I anticipated. TJ finishes her work and wants to go back to her grandparents. She's heading up, finds a package on the front step, so we stop to get that open and admire our new essential oils.

3:45 - finally getting around to working on my newsletter.

4 - Nick is home, I'm still working on my newsletter. We chat for a minute, he goes to clean up, and I finish up my newsletter & get it sent out.

4:30 - finished work (well, not really finished, there's always something else I could do) and time to get dinner started. Still in my pajamas...

real day essential oils

5-9 pm - what I should be doing - family time

What I'm really doing: Family time - this is the one place I try to stick to my rule. Laptop is closed. No working. Just dinner, some tv, relaxing together.

I'm in bed by 10:30 - realize that I forgot to do a few quick evening blogging tasks. But I am not getting up again. Quickly check my email. Have one from a client so now I'm thinking about that instead of sleeping.

11 pm - finally shut my brain off and go to sleep.

A "REAL" day at The Sunny Patch

So there is a look at last Tuesday. I finished the work that needed to be done. Homeschooling lessons were completed. We had family time. Was it perfect? Nope. But that's our life.

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