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Don't you love adding games and fun things to your homeschool day? They're a nice change of pace from the normal routine and they add a bit of fun to the day. That's easy enough to do with science when you can do fun experiments or history with all those fun projects. Even math can be practiced with fun card games. But spelling tests and grammar lessons... how do you make those fun? It's harder to find games and resources for English!

Looking for some fun ways to cover your English lesson? Or a family game that builds vocabulary? Check out this awesome list of resources. Bananagrams is one of our favorites!

Fun with English

First off, let's talk about those subjects that are included under that heading of "English". English (or Language Arts) includes spelling, vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing. These aren't necessarily 'fun' subjects, but there are ways to make them more interesting.

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  • Spelling can be fun if you vary the lessons - using a white board, letter tiles, or playing word games with new words. Spelling City is a great online program that can add some variety to boring lessons.
  • We don't actually do much for vocabulary study - just note new words that TJ might not know and maybe look them up in the dictionary. Spelling City does have a few vocabulary resources as well. Do you have any fun vocabulary games?
  • I confess that I don't have very many ways to make grammar interesting. I try to include a little bit of movement during these lessons (standing or sitting for proper/common nouns, jumping jacks while reciting prepositions, etc.) but that's about it. One fun thing to add are Mad Libs. There are so many of these on lots of different topics. It's a fun way to practice the parts of speech.
  • Reading is all fun by itself! Add some great audiobooks for the road if you're busy and legos to play with while listening at home. Peggy Kaye has a few fabulous books with fun activities - Games with Books and Games for Reading.
  • As children get older writing assignments get more interesting, especially if you allow them to choose their own topics. Adding notebooking or lapbooking can be a great way to add some interest to writing assignments, giving kids a chance to be creative in the process. Check out Peggy Kaye's book, Games for Writing, for more fun ideas.

During our school day we usually just work through our language arts programs but I do like to include some fun during family game time and there are a few that we really like.

Games for English Fun:

There are lots of great language arts programs out there so I won't list everything we use and like (just keep reading my blog, you'll find out what we like!). But sometimes it's just nice to break up the routine with some fun games and activities.

How do you make English lessons fun?

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