5th grade homeschool highlights: All About Spelling 7

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We are reaching the end of the spelling journey with All About Spelling. This year we began using the last book in the series, level 7. It seems like just a little while ago we started using this series - I can't believe that we're almost done!

Let me tell you, I'm so glad that we discovered this program just when we needed it. We had started first-grade work with a different spelling program and it just wasn't working for us. So, we took the plunge with All About Spelling and we haven't looked back since.

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The multisensory aspect of this program sets it apart and the constant review of previously learned material is such a smart approach.

If you're looking for a new spelling program take a minute to check out this great series!

Homeschooling with All About Spelling

So what makes All About Spelling so unique?

It takes a mastery-based, multisensory approach to reach all types of learners. With the letter tiles, flashcards, the varied assignments and review, children will internalize the spelling rules and strategies.

Working and reviewing with letter tiles and flashcards is really the star of the show for us. The built-in review and reminders work so well for solidifying the spelling rules and working with words.

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The lessons are scripted for the teacher, making it very easy to open and go once you've prepared your materials for the school year. Every level follows the same basic format, though there are some differences between each level. Keep reading to take a peek at level 7!

A look at level 7

Level 7 is the last book in the All About Spelling series so the focus is slightly different than previous books. Students will work on applying their spelling skills to writing, work with Latin and Greek roots, and words derived from other languages. There's also a plan for continued spelling practice after you've completed the series.

Here's what you'll find in each lesson:

  • Review (phonogram, sound, key & word cards)
  • New Teaching (scripted lesson that teaches a new rule or word part)
  • New Word Cards (practice applying rules to new words)
  • Dictation Sentences (practice using new words in sentences)
  • Writing Station (used to create writing prompts and to apply new words)
all about spelling word list

A week with All About Spelling

For the first few levels of All About Spelling we moved right along at a good clip finishing 1 1/2 books a year. Around book 4 we started slowing things down and, for the last few levels, we've done just one lesson a week. Here's how that looks with level 7:

Day 1 - Review: We work through some of the cards, reviewing different words and rules. Or we practice applying spelling strategies to TJ's list of "tricky" trouble words. We finish with a few dictation sentences from the previous lesson.

Day 2 - New Teaching: We work through the new lesson material, discussing and practicing new spelling words. TJ looks at her spelling strategies chart and her new words, deciding on the best strategies for each word. We finish the lesson by doing a few sentences from the dictation section.

Day 3 - Spell on Paper: We go over any new rules once more and TJ writes as I dictate the new words to her. We wrap up the lesson by doing a few more dictation sentences or work with the writing station.

Each lesson takes between 10-20 minutes, depending on how much we review or how long the new teaching section is. So, for an average week, spelling takes about 40 minutes to one hour. It's easy and effective. That's my kind of curriculum!

all about spelling writing station

All About Spelling is a fabulous, well-rounding spelling program. Take some time to look around their website, check out some sample lessons, articles or videos. You won't be disappointed!

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