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Like many classical homeschoolers, we follow a chronological history cycle, studying the span of historical events over four years, then cycling back through over the next four years (and again in high school!). We've just begun our second cycle with ancient history.

Take a look at how we're studying history with products from Homeschool in the Woods.

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This year, I decided the easiest method would be to divide our studies up into 3 parts (taking 12 weeks to study each). So I divided our year into the following 3 topics: Old Testament history (covering Israel and the surrounding nations), ancient Greece, and ancient Rome.

We are starting right at the beginning - with the creation story and progressing through Old Testament history. To chronicle our journey, we're using the Old Testament Activity Pak from Home School in the Woods - and creating a fabulous lapbook that commemorates our studies.

Take a look at how we're studying history with products from Homeschool in the Woods.

Old Testament History Studies

I've combined a few different books and resources to create our history program for the year (more on that in another post!) but here's the basic overview:

  • I read aloud selections from the Bible and other books as we take our chronological journey through Old Testament history.
  • TJ has weekly reading assignments, mapping, notebooking & timeline work (another fabulous product from Home School in the Woods).
  • Each week she adds a few new elements to her Old Testament lapbook during our morning devotional time (a great time for discussing and reinforcing what we're learning in history).

Things are going very well and I'm pleased with the progress we're making and the discussions we are having.

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Take a look at how we're studying history with products from Homeschool in the Woods.

A peek at the Activity Pak

The Activity Pak series is perfect for students grades 3-8. Children on the younger end will need help for the more detailed parts, but older children should be able to do the projects fairly independently. Included in the Old Testament Pak you'll find projects that cover topics from Creation to Hebrew history and the prophets (16 lapbook pieces all together). I love the variety of topics and the illustrations. The projects are unique and the interactive elements really make this lapbook a treasure. There are also a few bonus activities - the Old Testament Tribune and a selection of Proverbs. Both projects are a very nice addition to the lapbook. TJ and Nick have great plans for their newspaper!

Take a look at how we're studying history with products from Homeschool in the Woods.

Preparation is key with these products. I printed everything at the beginning of the year so we are ready to go each week. All the pieces are ready for TJ to color and cut out. We kept them in a bag until we had enough to begin putting the lapbook together. Now that the lapbook is constructed we'll add the pieces each week as they are finished.

Using a lapbook to reinforce what we're learning as been the perfect thing for us. When we're having our morning devotions and discussions we talk about the different stories, man's view of God, and how it all ties back to our relationship with Him.

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The Activity Paks are just beautiful (download - $18.95; CD - $19.95). The illustrations are top-notch, which really sets it apart from so many of the lapbook materials available elsewhere. If you're looking for materials to study a variety of history topics, art, music, or the Bible, you need to check out the products from Home School in the Woods.

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