Homeschool Favorites: Mathematics & Logic

mathematics and logic resources for homeschools

Ready for another list of favorite resources? The past few weeks I've talked about our favorite resources for history and science & nature study. There are lots of great books, activities, tools, and games on my list. And I have more to share this week! Let's take a look at some favorite math & logic resources that have made it onto our homeschool bookshelf.

Homeschool Mathematics & Logic Resources

Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right math program that fits your kids needs (and that you can teach!). But, while you're working away at the math text there are lots of great things that you can use to reinforce that mathematics learning. You can use flashcards, manipulatives, games, and even fun picture books to discuss a variety of math topics.

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Here's a list of what we've used and loved:

RightStart card games - I guess this is no surprise since we've used and talked about levels A-E so much. But, no matter what math program you use, I think the card games are a great way to practice math facts.

RightStart Al Abacus - along with the card games I think the Al Abacus is a great tool for understanding place value. And, if you have no experience with the "RightStart" way of doing math, the instruction booklet is a great resource for learning how to use the abacus with any math program.

Learning Wrap-Ups - These are a novel way to practice those math facts. They are available for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and fractions.

Math Balance & Weights - TJ has used these quite a bit. Even just for fun. Balancing weights or figuring out the weight of toys and objects around the house is very fun.

Games for Math by Peggy Kaye - If you'd like to add some math games but don't want to buy the RightStart kit, this book is a great choice. Peggy has some great games in here that use just regular playing cards or things you make yourself.

Fractazmic - This is a really fun card game from I See Cards. They also have a really great addition game that you can play online - Pyramath.

Blast Off with Logic Series - This collection of 3 workbooks is a great introduction to logical thinking. With a variety of logic puzzles (from syllogysims to analogies and relationships) the books get progressively harder.

Mental Math Game

Practice mental math skills with a game!

You can practice simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication with this easy game. Just print, cut out the pieces, and grab some dice.

mathematics and logic resources

Red Herring Mysteries - We've been having a great time discovering the 'red herrings' in this collection of puzzlers. It makes for great family-dinner conversations.

Logic & Strategy - Games & Puzzles

Logic workbooks and puzzles are fun but kids can develop logical thinking skills by playing games as well. Here are some of our very favorite games that help develop those skills:

Those are some of our favorite mathematics and logic resources.

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