Why You Need a Homeschool Mission Statement

Can you confidently set yearly goals for your homeschool? 

Can you flip through a curriculum catalog and know after reading a product description whether that product will work for your homeschool?


That’s why a homeschool mission statement is so important.

Your personal homeschool mission statement (when you include the right elements) can help you navigate the homeschool ocean (...and all those curriculum catalogs) with a little more confidence.

Why do you need a homeschool mission statement? Homeschooling isn’t just a matter of buying a few books and working through them. You need to know what subjects to cover and when to cover them. You need a purpose that will sustain you when things get difficult. You need a vision for your homeschool that you can use to create a mission statement.

You need a homeschool mission statement

If you’re like most homeschool moms (me included) we usually start our yearly planning by flipping through a few curriculum catalogs or researching our choices on our favorite homeschool message boards or Facebook groups. 

We spend hours looking for that perfect curriculum -- the one thing that will magically make our homeschool a wonderful place.

It’s a complete waste of your valuable and limited time.

Instead of immediately diving into those curriculum catalogs, you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 

Think about WHY you homeschool, what’s most important to you in the long run.

That’s your starting place.

Don’t start flipping through catalogs until you know where you are headed.

And how exactly do you know where you’re headed? 

It all starts with your homeschool mission statement.

Your mission statement will keep you focused

A well-crafted mission statement for your homeschool can do a lot of things for you:

  • Helps you focus on what’s most important

  • Help you when you’re feeling burned out

  • Helps you set realistic goals

  • Helps you focus on YOUR homeschool instead of what your best friend is doing

  • Helps you narrow down your curriculum choices

Yes, a mission statement is kind of a magic bullet for your homeschool!

Find out How to write Your own Homeschool Mission Statement

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Here’s how to write your own:

Now that you are (hopefully!) convinced that it’s important -- how do you go about writing one? There are plenty of things you can include. Here are some ideas:

Begin by writing down what’s most important to you about your homeschool. 

Once you’ve written out your list, highlight the most important things.

Combine that narrowed down list into a few short sentences. 

Edit your mission statement so it’s clear and focused.

Rewrite your final draft and hang it where you’ll see it -- it’s a helpful reminder when you’re starting to feel a little frazzled.

That’s really all there is to it. (Need a little more guidance? Keep reading!)

It’s written… now what?

Once you have a personalized mission statement, consider it your homeschool filter. 

Every time you see a new curriculum mentioned on your favorite homeschool message board and you are tempted to take a look -- it’s okay to look -- just filter it through your mission statement and you’ll know fairly quickly if it’s right for your homeschool or not.

Excited by a new planning method (remember when workboxes were the NEW THING!)? Filter it through your mission statement to decide if it will work for you or if it will just be an expensive fad.

Interested in that new co-op group that just opened in your neighborhood? Same thing… filter it through your mission statement!

That new book you just read about that tried-and-true homeschool method? Ditto… filter it through your mission statement.

That homeschool conference vendor hall with all those shiny, new books? ...I’ll stop now -- I think you get the idea.

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Craft a vision for your homeschool

If you don’t take the time to clarify what’s important to you in regards to homeschooling, you are like a ship without a rudder. You’ll have no clear direction or purpose.

Homeschooling isn’t just a matter of buying a few books and working through them. You need to know what subjects to cover and when to cover them. You need a purpose that will sustain you when things get difficult. You need a vision for your homeschool.

Don’t let the idea of crafting a homeschool mission statement scare you. If you need some help creating your own mission statement, grab the free worksheets below.

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Have you written a homeschool mission statement? 

If not, have I convinced you to put pen to paper and start writing one?

It’s an important step in your homeschool planning. A well-crafted mission statement can help you set your yearly goals, choose the right curriculum, and even lay the foundation for your schedule. Learn how I put it all together with Homeschool DIY.

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