A Peek at our Homeschool Space

A look at how we homeschool without a dedicated homeschooling room.

We live in a very small house and don't have an extra room that we can dedicate to all the stuff that accumulates after 6+ years of homeschooling. We have had the 'dining room homeschool area' and this year we rearranged furniture, added more bookshelves, and moved the homeschool supplies to the living room (where we end up doing most of our school work anyway).

We moved our personal library to the bedrooms (after adding MORE bookshelves!) and relocated all the homeschool books to the living room. On the other side of the desk (pictured below) we have another bookshelf with more resources. It's so nice having everything in one place instead of spread all over the house.

We are so used to grabbing our school work and sitting wherever we like so I'm not sure if I would use a dedicated school room. Perhaps if I had more than one child it would be more convenient. What about you? A separate room for homeschooling or do you school around the house?

Tonia L

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