3 Homeschooling Essentials You Can't Buy Online

When someone asks about my favorite homeschooling resources, I give the usual list - white board, dry erase markers, lots of notebooks, and a library card. I could share that list of resources today but I think I'd rather take a look at a few different things that you'll need for homeschooling that you can't buy at WalMart or Amazon. These are my homeschooling essentials.

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There are a few necessary homeschooling essentials - something every homeschool needs. And you can't buy them in in a store.

The 3 "P"s of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is hard work. Sometimes it might look like all sunshine and roses when you're reading different blogs but it's not always like that.

We have some good days, some not-so-great days, a few really horrible days, and a sprinkle of really awesome, 'I'm so glad we made this decision' days. But most of our days hover right around the 'good' zone. Nothing spectacular or special. Just your run-of-the-mill homeschool day.

But even those good days take work and a few special homeschooling essentials that can't be bought online:


Homeschooling takes a whole bucket load of patience (wouldn't it be nice to just buy some on Amazon?). You're going to need it (sitting and waiting for your little one to sound out m-a-t for the hundredth time takes patience). Your kids are going to need it (another page of long division!).

Homeschooling is an awesome choice for many families but it doesn't come easy - being together 24-7 takes it's toll and it is so easy for our own selfish tendencies to rear their ugly heads. Homeschooling gives us the opportunity to put the needs of others before ourselves. AND it's also a perfect time to teach our children the same thing - that they need to put others before themselves.


Homeschooling also takes perseverance. It can take time to find the math program that doesn't make your kid cry or the grammar book that doesn't make your eyes glaze over. But once you find those resources, it's important to stick with them. Boredom is not a good reason to change math programs. (Believe me, you'll be scurrying back to that old faithful textbook pretty fast!)

Sure you can change things up with some fun extras, but when you find what works - just stick with it.

Is it boring? Yes. Teaching another lesson on prepositions is repetitive for me (and I'm only teaching one kid!). But it's working and I am seeing consistent growth. So I need to stick with it and keep working one day at a time, even when I'm bored.


I know, I know... we just talked about boredom. It's going to happen - it's okay. BUT... you, as the teacher, need to bring a certain level of passion to your homeschool - for two reasons.

First, because there are going to be days you will want to quit. Those are the days you need to remember what makes you passionate about homeschooling. Why did you make this decision in the first place? You're going to need to hold on to that once in awhile when you just don't want to do it anymore.

Second, you need to be passionate about what you're teaching. Okay, I know teaching prepositions isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but you need to show an interest in the subjects you're teaching. Show your kids that education is important and interesting. It doesn't always have to be boring (even if it's a boring subject). Find ways to make it interesting - for your kids and for you.

What would you add to your homeschooling essentials list?

Would you add any other homeschooling essentials to our list - patience, perseverance, passion, and....?

Wouldn't you just love it if you could buy this stuff at WalMart?!

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