How to Make a Diffuser Necklace

It's a month of essential oils and this week is all about diffusing oils. We've learned about different kinds of diffusers and some great combinations of oils to have on hand for diffusing. And, even if you don't have a diffuser you can enjoy the scent of the oils in other ways - including jewelry. Today we're going to talk about how to make a diffuser necklace.

Making your own essential oil diffuser jewelry is really very simple and easy to personalize. Let's learn how to make a diffuser necklace.

How to make a diffuser necklace

Putting a few drops of oil on a clay pendant that you wear on your wrist or around your neck is a great way to benefit from the properties of essential oils. I love to wear Stress Away (a Young Living blend) - it smells so yummy. And making your own diffuser necklace is very easy to do. So let's learn how to make a diffuser necklace!

Making the necklace

You only need a few things to make a diffuser necklace (note: I did not use the exact items listed, I used what I had on-hand but tried to find similar items for your convenience; these are affiliate links):

The first thing to do is to work a small portion of clay until it is pliable before pressing it out to a flat, even thickness (about 1/4 inch thick) between two layers of waxed paper.

Using the cookie cutter, cut out the pendant shape. Create a unique design on the pendant by pressing a decorative stamp into the clay. Smooth out the rough edges with your finger tips (sometimes a bit of water helps too).

Use a straw to create a hole large enough for a length of leather cord to fit through. Follow the instructions on the clay for drying before stringing your pendant on the leather cord.

That's it! Learning how to make a diffuser necklace is really very simple!

how to make a diffuser necklace

Using the necklace

To use your pendant as a personal diffuser, pour 1-2 drops of essential oil onto the clay pendant (on the side that won't be touching your clothing) then let it sit and absorb the oil before you hang it around your neck. You'll be enjoying the scent all day long! Best of all, these are so inexpensive to make, you could make a few and use each one for a different oil or blend.

Or, if you prefer bracelets, you could make clay beads and make a diffuser bracelet instead. 

What's your favorite method of diffusing essential oils?

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