How to Make a Reed Diffuser

Diffusing is such a great way to get started with essential oils. It's easy to do and not as overwhelming as the other options if you're new to using essential oils. But, if you're not ready to splurge on an ultrasonic or nebulizing diffuser, you can make a simple home diffuser with just a few items. Keep reading to learn how to make a reed diffuser.

how to make a reed diffuser

How to make a reed diffuser

Making your own reed diffuser is very simple and you'll only need a few items (these are affiliate links):

Combine about 1/4-1/3 cup carrier oil with 20-25 drops of essential oil and pour into the glass jar. Place the diffuser sticks in the jar and wait for the scent to 'travel' up the reeds.

To refresh the scent, flip the sticks over - every few days is sufficient. After awhile the sticks will become saturated with oils and won't be as effective so you'll want to replace them with fresh sticks. Also, the more sticks you use the more often you'll have to replace them.

One last note - make sure to keep it up and away from kids and pets so the jar doesn't get knocked over & spilled.

Getting started with essential oils

While reed diffusers aren't as effective as the other types, they are a great way to start diffusing essential oils. You'll want to toss all your scented candles in the trash after you start using a reed diffuser!

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