Make Your Own Kid's Travel Binder


Keeping kids busy while traveling can be a burden. But it doesn't have to be! With a few simple supplies, you can make your own kids travel binder to keep them occupied on those long road trips.

Keeping kids occupied on road trips

"Are we there yet?"

"He's touching me!"

"I need to potty right now!"


Traveling with kids can be quite an adventure. Keeping them entertained on long drives is a task all in itself. It's easy to let them use iPods, tablets, or hand-held gaming systems, but sometimes it's just plain fun to find some other things to do.

Enter the travel binder!

Travel binders are a great way to keep kids (and parents!) occupied on road trips. What is a travel binder? It's simply a 3-ring binder filled with easily portable projects and car-related activities.

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Here's what you'll need to make a travel binder:

Step 1: Print Your Activities

The first step in creating your binder is to collect an assortment of activities that can be put into page protectors.

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Step 2: Organize Your Binder

Now that you have all your activities printed, it's time to organize them. Slip them all into page protectors and put them into the 3-ring binder. Put the felt, markers, and any smaller books (we like Mad Libs and Brain Quest cards) into the pencil pouch and place that in the front of your binder.

Now it's ready for the road!

A few more things to add to your stash of travel fun:

Keep all your goodies stashed in a bag just for long trips. When it's time to travel you'll have a bag full of fun that's sure to keep your kid's entertained!

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