Mental Math Practice with a Hundreds Chart

April is mathematics awareness month and, to celebrate the occasion, I have a special new printable! Be sure to grab your copy of the mental math practice with a hundreds chart game set.

Mental math practice with a hundreds chart - help your kids learn their math facts with this fun game using a hundreds chart. Hands-on learning is the best way to learn math facts!

Mental Math Practice with a Hundreds Chart

Mental math is an important skill that all children need to learn. We've found that some daily drill work is the best way to sharpen those skills. A few ideas for fitting in that daily math drill:

  • Drill worksheets

  • Online math drills

  • Math games & apps

We've used daily drill sheets (not my daughters favorite choice), a variety of online games and apps (most of them lots of fun), and plenty of games - one of our favorite methods.

While drill worksheets are helpful, aren't games just more fun?

printables for hundreds chart game

Games for Mental Math

Games are a great way to work on practicing those mental math facts and quick recall. And a hundreds chart is a simple tool that you can use to create many games for math (here's a list of 18 things to do with a hundreds chart).

This game - 'Mental Math Practice with a Hundreds Chart' will help your kids practice their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. You'll need:

  • Printable game board and pieces
  • File folder (to store all the pieces and parts)
  • Dice (either regular playing dice or special math dice) <-- that's an affiliate link

Getting the game board ready is fairly simple - print the pages (you may want to print the game pieces on cardstock) and adhere the instructions and hundreds board to the inside of the file folder (you may need to trim the edges off the instructions page for a proper fit). Cut out the game pieces envelope and attach to the blank space on the instructions. Store the game pieces in the envelope. That's it!


Use this simple hundreds game printable to work on addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. It's a fun way to practice facts and mental math drills!

Fun Mental Math Game

Practice mental math skills with a game!

You can practice simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication with this easy game. Just print, cut out the pieces, and grab some dice.

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